Ace master tier in BGMI\Pubg mobile. What are the tips to reach there?

Ace master tier in BGMI\Pubg mobile. What are the tips to reach there?

The Ace master and Ace dominator is the latest tier in BGMI\Pubg mobile. The most player thinks it is hard to reach there.

However, It is not. If you use some tips and tricks during the gameplay, you can get Ace master rank quickly.

Rewards of Ace master.
Firstly, To get the Ace master, you need 4700 points. And after you reach there, you will get these rewards:

(I) Ace master name tag
(II) Ace master title
(III) 1600 Silver fragments
(IV) Ace master exclusive team-up special effects.

Ace master exclusive team-up special effects

You know the Ace dominator Rank is higher than the Ace master. The point difference is 500.

However, in this article, we will discuss only the Ace master. So, let’s continue.

These tips can help you to reach the Ace master tier in BGMI\Pubg mobile.

Play with the best team.

What is a good team? No matter if members are Noob. If your team share loot and listen to your suggestion, they are best.

It’s not compulsory to select a pro team because the ace master is not hard to get. Only choose a helpful, Obdiend partner to complete your mission effortlessly.

Land on a small compound.

Land on small compound to make the match easier for ace master title in Pubg mobile and BGMI.

It’s necessary to play safely on pubg mobile and BGMI to push rank to ace master and higher. So, ignore hot drops and land on small compounds.

Firstly, land far from the airplane path where you can get cover loot and vehicle. If you don’t have a bad team, you can go to Mylta, Lipoka, Prison, Shelter, Yasnayapolyana.

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Hold on one place.

After taking all necessary suppliers, hold yourself inside the best cover. If your enemy pushes upon you, you can easily finish them if you are inside cover.

So, which is the best place for cover in pubg mobile and BGMI? Look at the map. Remember, your hiding place should be a safe zone because while pushing ace master, you will get many enemies everywhere.

Use strategy in the 4th circle.

Playing on last circle in Pubg mobile\BGMI

Now time to get chicken dinner for the ace master title. The 4th circle in pubg mobile and BGMI means the last zone.

On Ace master or rank push lobby, you have to face more than 20 enemies in the last circle. So, use some strategies to survive during that difficult time.

(I) Use smoke to block the view of the enemy.
(II) Use smoke grenades to make the cover line.
(III) Don’t drive a vehicle.
(IV) Don’t fire for fun.
(V) Use all throwable weapons.

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