Asta Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Teams & Relics

Asta Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Teams & Relics

Asta is a 4-star Rarity Character, and you can get her at the start of the game for free. She is a Fire Element Character from The Harmony Path Character. Overall, Asta is one of the best support characters in the game. This article will guide you with the best Asta build, her Light Cones, Teams, Relic Sets & Ascension Materials in Honkai Star Rail. In addition, here, you will find alternative options to build Asta as F2P in the game. 

Her Basic Talents

When Asta uses her Technique, she enters the battle and deals Fire DMG to all enemies. Her skill deals Fire DMG to a single enemy, dealing DMG for 4 times again. The Fire DMG is random to all the enemies. Her ULT increases the SPD of all the characters. Asta’s Talent is one of the most significant assets as her Talent increases the ATK by 35% of all the characters, which can increase the DMG of all the characters. 

Asta Materials

Here are the total required materials to upgrade the Asta Level to 80(max) in Honkai Star Rail:

MaterialsRequired QuantityHow to Obtain
Silvermane Badge x12By defeating Silvermane Guards, Everwinter Shadewalker, Incineration Shadewalker, Vagrant, Automaton, Beetle, Automaton Hound
Silvermane Insignia x13By Levelling up the equilibrium
Silvermane Medal x12By defeating Silvermane Guards, Everwinter Shadewalker, Incineration Shadewalker, Vagrant, Automaton, Beetle, Automaton Hound
Endotherm Chitin x50You can obtain the Endotherm Chitin from Stagnant Shadow, or you can get it from Synthesize by exchanging it with other ascend material

Asta’s Best Light Cones

Here are the Honkai Star Rail Light Cones suitable for the Asta support Build:

4-Star Description

Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds
Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds is the best battle pass Light cone of Asta. This Lightcone can apply three types of buff to allies when Bronya is an active character. It can either give 10% ATK to allies increasing the Crit DMG by 12% or increase the Energy Regeneration of the allies by 8%. This can be used by all the allies which is a good Buff for everyone.
Best Light cone of ASTA in honkai star rail
You can build her with Dance! Dance! Dance! Light cone if you don’t have Carve the Moon. It increases the Advance Forward by 16% when she uses her Ultimate. This Buff is applied to all the characters; it will help all the characters to have more turns.
Asta Free-to-play Light ConesDescription

Chores is a 3-star Lightcone which enhances the ATK of allies by 8% so they can deal more DMG. Its effect is activated without any condition, which can help to have the Effect always. 
F2P light cone of asta in honkai star rail
Meshing Cogs
Meshing Cogs is also the best Light Cone for her F2P build. It regenerates 4 energy each time when Asta attacks or she gets Hit. You can use it to get her Ultimate back as soon as possible. Meshing Cogs is effective when she wants to have her Ultimate more often.

Asta Best Team comp (5-Star Characters)

  • Welt+Bailu+Dan Heng+Asta

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Dan Heng
Main DPS
Asta honkai star rail

Asta will be the Support Character in this Team, as she is from The Harmony Path. She can be good support as she provides SPD buff to all the team members. Welt will be the Sub-DPS to provide debuff to enemies and deal DMG to enemies. 

Bailu is from The Abundance Path; therefore, you can pick her for the healing role. She will be the best member as she can heal and revive with her skill. Dan Heng is the Single Target DPS, as he is from The Hunt Path. He can be used for Elite enemies. He can also be used to break the Toughness bar of the enemies who are weak against Wind Element. 

Asta Team Comps F2P

  • Herta+Asta+March 7th+Natasha


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Asta honkai star rail

March 7th
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Main DPS


Herta will be the Sub-DPS as she is from The Erudition Path. She deals AoE DMG to the Enemies with Ice Attacks which can be good to break the Toughness Bar of multiple enemies with a single attack. In this free-to-play Team composition, Asta will be the Support Character, as she is from The Harmony Path. She can be a good support as she provides ATK% to every member. 

March 7th will be the Shield in this team of Asta as she provides Shield to characters. She can also break the Toughness Bar of the enemies, which can be useful against enemies who are weak to Ice Element. In the final slot, you can select Natasha as a healer.

  • Sushang+Tingyun+Asta+Natasha

Main DPS


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Asta honkai star rail


Asta will play a Support role in this F2P team to provide SPD buff to all the party members, whereas Sushang will be the Main DPS. She is from The Hunt Path, so you can use Sushang to kill Elite Enemy. Similarly, Tingyun will be the Support character to provide Buff to Sushang so she can deal with more DMG. Finally, Natasha is going to be the Healer in this team comp. 

Asta’s Best Relics

Here are the suitable Relic sets to build Asta a better four-star character in Honkai Star Rail:

asta best relic honkai star rail
Firesmith of Lava-Forging
Firesmith of Lava-Forging is the best DPS build Relic of Asta as it increases the Fire DMG by 10% at the 2-piece set. At a 4-piece set, this increases the Skill DMG by 12%. When Asta uses her Ultimate, her ATK for the next turn increases by 12%.

Thief of Shooting Meteor
However, if you want to make Asta a better Support character, you can build her with the Thief of Shooting Meteor relic set. It increases the Break Effect by 20% at 2-piece, which can be good for depleting the Toughness Bar of the enemies. At a 4-piece set, it applies the weakness Break effect to enemies and regenerates 3 points of energy. This can be helpful to get her Ultimate back.

Space Sealing Station
It increases the ATK by 12% at the 2-piece set. It also increases the ATK by a further 12% when the SPD of the character is above 120. This effect can be triggered easily as she gives SPD with her Ultimate. Overall, it is an alternative relic for her.