Bad Habit that can disturb our good life

Quit bad habit

It is hard to adopt good habits, whereas we can easily take a bad habit. We go to school for many years. However, we can’t develop a daily study habit. But, if we sit with a drunkard for some days, we start to drink. The habits are a crucial part of our life. They are the track that leads us to a particular destination.
These are some line we will say in future if we have a bad habit now.

I am afraid of my smoking habit, my throat and lungs are swelling.
I am tired of my habit of speaking, rudely to everyone.
God! save me, I have no money left, I spend all.
I would have this on time so that, I would have got what I want.
I am feeling sorry, I would have told him everything.
And so on…

Habit is the highway that leads us to our goal. If we have a bad then, the road to the destination will be full of pits and obstacle, that will pull us back from our destination. Therefore, try to develop good habits. And remove these habits from your life because one day, it will disturb your happy life badly.

Airy Mind
How would you reach the place where you want to go, if you change your way frequently? We will attain there but, not on time. We should make a fix decision to make a good highway of success. But, most of us change our decision frequently. This kind of habit always gives us disappointment in life. Success has a long path if, a person changes his decision than the road spits into many parts. As a result, a person spends his whole life walking on these incomplete roads. If you are airy mind and change decision frequently than leave this habit. Don’t lose hope in the first or second trial. Never change your decision unless it is necessary.

The habit of Spending too much
Are you a kind of person who spends hard-earned money by closing eyes? If you are then, you will realize one day. Some people want to show themselves as a higher class by spending a lot. If a person spends too much to get respect, Remember that he is not earning respect but buying it for some movement. Some people buy any expensive product. But, it is a bad habit to buy costly goods without brand awareness. Not every, costly goods are valuable. A bad habit of spending too much, never let us become rich.
Also, the person who does not save money for the future always faces financial and mental trouble. If you are lavish, then spend wisely to become rich.

The habit of wasting time
The habit of wasting time is another bad habit that can disturb our life. If you don’t do the work right now, then you will regret tomorrow. Try to understand time. Once it is gone, then it is gone. It means that you lose one day of your life, an opportunity to do some productive things. Most people spend precious time without doing anything or, spending it on unwanted activities. A person who wastes time unwisely will suffer in the future. And, some have a habit, postpone the date and time of work.
‘After an hour I will read my books’But, an hour later you say ‘It’s time for sleep’. Leave such habit.
It’s better to do now than tomorrow. Complete today rest tomorrow.

The habit of not taking their own decision
Mr X. After bachelor, I will join a good university for MBA.
Later someone suggested, There is no point in doing an MBA, you will be jobless. Instead, go abroad and choose another subject, you can do a lot.
Mr X. you are right I will do same I won’t join an MBA

What is this? If we are given brain then, why we are using others?

This kind of habit can ruin your life. We must habit of making our own decision because we know our knowledge and strength better than others. There is saying listen to all but, follow your mind. It means that take suggestion from others but make your own decision. Because people advise according to their capacity and strength not according to ours. Therefore, not taking your own decision can take you to the worst situation in life.

The habit of trying to make everyone happy
They will point their finger in your one mistake but, No one notices a hundred good deeds. It is good to make others happy. However, you can’t make all people happy. The habit of making everyone happy is a bad habit that can disturb your personal life. Sometimes we sacrifice our happiness while trying to make others happy that is not good, for your life.

In the world, there is the majority of taker in comparison to the giver. Therefore, leave this habit, only make those people happy who pray for your happiness too. The tendency of making everyone happy can take you to difficulty. We are a human being not as extraordinary as Charlie Chaplin.

The habit of not express clearly
The most unhappy people are those who can’t express themselves clearly. If you have a habit of hiding your thought or, emotions then, leave this habit. Most of the relationship breakdown because of this habit. If you collected too much thought inside you without sharing to others, then you will blast like a firecracker. Funny, isn’t it? But, introvert people are most unhappy because they can’t express themselves. No Such kind of people become alone in life.

The habit of noticing everything
You listen to these things while you were walking on the road.
Look how ugly he is.
Did you see him? He is a loser.
He is bullshit.

Now you will go to your home and start to overthink and lose all the happiness inside you. Remember, no one will prise you how you do good for them. There are more than 7 billion people with 14billion thoughts. How much you will notice and take everything seriously. If you take everything personally, your life will get disturbed. Live your life thinking that ‘March goes on even if dog barks‘. The bad habit of noticing everything can disturb your mind.

The habit of speaking rudely
We don’t know who is going to support us during a difficult time in future. Therefore, try to maintain a good relationship with all. If you are kind-hearted but, your speech is bitter than no one will love.

The person keeps his identity in speech. And, that identity comes out during the conversation. So, speak politely with all the people. Speaking rudely, is the bad habit that ruins a friendship or other relations. The person with rude speech and anger have no friends.

The habit of not being serious
x: I am sick
y: hahaha!
Yes, laughing or smiling at a serious situation can be costly for you. If you have a habit of laughing at every situation than remove it. Because we don’t know by what intention the person is speaking to us. Make a habit of understanding before giving a reply. Sometimes our happy smile can damage our impression. Or, you spoil a hard built relationship. Remove the bad habit of laughing every moment.

The life is full of surprises

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Bad Habit that can disturb our good life

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