Best but Rare M4 Skins in Cod Mobile

Best but Rare M4 Skins in Cod Mobile

M4 is one of the best assault rifles in Call of Duty mobile, and the game has released many skins of this weapon. M4 is already a perfect gun for those players who wants victory in the battle royale and multiplayer mode with a high kill. But, if played with its skins, the player gets next-level experience. So, here are 5 skins of the M4 gun that looks best but are rare to get nowadays:

1. M4 – Spurred

M4 epic skin: Spurred

Spurred is one of the best epic skins of M4 guns in Cod Mobile because of its attractive appearance. This cowboy-looking M4 skin came in season 4, and players unlocked it by purchasing the battle pass. As Spurred is a premium skin of M4, it is rare in the game nowadays. The best thing I like about Spurred is its beautiful spur.

2. M4 Back Scratcher

M4 premium skin

Another best battle pass skin of the M4 weapon in CODM is Back Scratcher. The back scratcher cosmetics on M4 make the gun scary and heavy looking.

Players unlocked this skin by upgrading Battle Pass in season 7. The best thing about the back scratcher is its spooky chainsaw.

3. M4 – Court Jester

Best M4 skin in cod mobile: Court Jester

Court Jester, wow, one of the daring-looking legendary skins of M4 in Cod Mobile. Players unlocked M4 Court Jester from the Wicked Trickster draw, but it is one of the rarest M4 skins nowadays. That shine and glow of the skin made the player crazy to get it when it came to the game.

4. M4 – Outcast Vengeance

Outcast Vengence: rare m4 Epic skin

Outcast Vengeance is the best but one of the rare epic M4 skins in Cod Mobile that came in season 7. It is also a premium skin, so the player unlocked outcast vengeance by upgrading BP.

This skin has the appearance of a pirate’s tool that was lost many centuries ago, and Codm found it.

5. M4 – Thermal Shroud leg

Rarest M4 skin in Call of duty mobile

The thermal core draw brought an M4 skin, Thermal Shroud leg, in season 5, and still, the craze of getting this skin is the same as when it was released.

The look of this cosmetic is too attractive, so the real fan unlocked it immediately. You will see a few players playing with thermal shroud leg as it is also a rarest skin of M4 weapon in Call of duty mobile(CODM).