Best Guns in Lost Light | Top 5 Collection

Best Guns in Lost Light | Top 5 Collection

Lost Light is TPP/FPP shooter battle royal game developed by NetEase Games. The game is a very realistic environment where players can make their characters and unlock new good weapons. The more you play, the better weapons you unlock. Here are the top 5 best Lost Light guns/Weapons you must pick for the battle:


The DVL-10 is a powerful weapon for taking down enemies at long range. It has high damage, but this gun is slow. You can buy them fully modded with eight times scopes. If you are a beginner but a sniper master, this is a great budget gun in Lost Light. This gun has low recoil, and you can control it smoothly. This gun will let you take down the enemy in one shot if you have the best aim skills.


The SG-12, a shotgun with a 20-round drum mag, is the fastest shotgun in the game. It has good accuracy, and you can shoot the players from 15 meters and close range. If the enemy is near, you can take down the enemy in just a few seconds as it has a high fire rate. In addition, This is an auto-shot gun as it will destroy the enemy armour within seconds.


If you are a close-range/Medium-range fighter of Lost Light, MPX is the best gun for you. This gun supports 50 round drum mag. This gun has very low recoil, and you can custom this gun better than other guns. Since it is a fast gun, due to lack of practice, sometime, you might feel hard to use it.


The SKS is a high-damage dealer but a difficult-to-control weapon. This gun is not auto, so you can not use it for short-range fighting smoothly. But, it is better than AR guns in Lost Light for medium and long-range fights. You can custom this gun to reduce recoil. You can use different scopes for long-range fighting. Overall, it has high recoil, but with relevant attachments, you can customize it into a better version.


ak-74m lost light gun

The AK-74M is an all-rounder AR gun. This gun has the lowest recoil compared to all other assault rifles in the game. You can use it in the mid and short-range battles. It can easily take down your enemy due to its high fast fire range. If you want to use this gun for the long-range, it will be a little hard at first, but slowly you will get better. Fighting in close range rather than mid or long will help you conserve ammo. Firing the gun at long range will give less damage to the enemy, but it can finish the enemy in one full round.