Best Operators in Tacticool | Top 5 Collection

Best Operators in Tacticool | Top 5 Collection

Tacticool is a mobile free-to-play third-person fast-paced 5vs5 multiplayer game where you become a character called an Operator, and all operators have special abilities and skills.

Players take their roles and play the game. The game features four rarity categories for Operators: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic, each with different starting Health, Special Weapon Slots, and Unique Special abilities. So, to unlock the operator, players need to collect 25 Shards of the same character. Here are the top 5 best Operators:

1. Zloy

Zloy is a powerful rare epic Operator in Tacticool. He has got a strong base hp of 4500. He’s perfect for objective-based game modes, as he can quickly capture or defend objectives. Zloy acts like a tough tank, easily taking down enemies nearby. His special kit releases a huge smoke cloud for 25 seconds that deals damage within 5.5 meters radius. The smoke will deal 25% damage to the enemy’s max hp. The smoke bomb has a cooldown of 30 seconds/ Zloy also has 70% melee damage reduction, is immune to gas, and has an improved dash ability, making him very tough and versatile on the battlefield.

2. Dutch

Dutch is another strong epic operator, and he’s a well-rounded character with a strong base HP of 4100. He’s versatile, allowing players to use any weapon except shotguns, and once he reaches level 5, shotguns become available too. Dutch’s unique special ability is very useful in the game. Additionally, his combat skill gives a significant boost to fire rate and clip capacity by +35%. With his adaptability and powerful skills,

3. Boris

Boris is the best Common Operator with 2000 base hp. He has combat skills that make him take 20% less damage, making him very durable. He’s a good choice for aggressive players who want to get close to enemies and hold points. However, he’s not as mobile as some other Operators in Tacticool, and he relies on teammates for dealing damage. Players should use their damage resistance wisely, be aware of their surroundings, and work together with teammates to make the most of Boris’s abilities.

4. Travis

Travis is an Uncommon Operator in Tacticool with 2900 base hp and is a skilled sniper. His special ability lets him mark enemies briefly for easier shots, making him valuable in long-range battles. While his base health is slightly lower than some other Operators, his high damage output compensates for it. His combat skill boosts accuracy and reduces weapon recoil, making him deadlier at long range. His passive ability allows him to briefly see enemies through walls, making him great for scouting and flanking.

5. David

David is a Rare Operator in Tacticool with 4000 base hp and is a support character who’s good at controlling areas. His special ability lets him shoot a bunch of powerful rockets that do a lot of damage in a wide area. It’s great for close-up fights and making enemies move from their hiding spots. His skills make his main gun stronger and add explosive bullets, so he’s better at controlling more ground and dealing with enemies from a distance. For weapons, it’s best to use a machine gun or shotgun with this operator to make the most of his area control skills.