Best weapons in Brotato | Top 10 Ranked

Best weapons in Brotato | Top 10 Ranked

Brotato Mobile is a top-down arena shooter game where you play as a potato wielding up to 6 Arsenals at a time to fight off hordes of aliens. The game is available for free on Android and iOS devices. In Brotato Mobile, you can choose different traits and items to create unique builds and survive until help arrives. You can also play different game modes, including a single-player campaign, a cooperative, and a competitive mode. One of the main strategies players use to help their potato to survive is to make use of the ranged weapons at their disposal. So, here are the Top 10 Brotato Best Weapons:

1. Flamethrower

The flamethrower is the best long-range gun in Brotato that shoots a stream of fire and simultaneously deals massive damage to multiple enemies but is also slow to reload. So, you can use a flamethrower against groups of enemies, as it can quickly burn them down. It is also effective against enemies resistant to other types of damage. However, the flamethrower is slow to reload, so players should be careful not to run out of ammunition mid-battle.

2. Nuclear Launcher

The nuclear launcher is a powerful Short-range weapon that shoots a nuclear missile, dealing massive damage to a single target. But you will find it annoying while reloading it. The nuclear launcher is the best gun against bosses or other powerful enemies in Brotato. It is also effective against groups of enemies, but it is significant to use it carefully, as the blast radius can be quite large,

3. Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher is a mid-range weapon that shoots rockets. It can deal a lot of damage to single or multiple targets, so it is good against enemies at a distance. It is also effective against groups of enemies, but it is important to lead your target, as the rockets can be slow to travel.

4. Minigun

The minigun is a close-range weapon that shoots a rapid stream of bullets. It can deal a lot of damage to a single target. However, its accuracy will force you to practice it more. Minigun in Brotato is the best weapon against enemies that are up close, and it is good against groups of enemies, but keep your crosshairs on the target, as the minigun can quickly chew through ammunition.

5. Double Barrel Shotgun

The double-barrel shotgun is one of the high-damage weapons in Brotato, which is best for short-range battles. If you want to face single or group of enemies, you can use this gun. But do not miss, as the double-barrel shotgun has a limited number of shots.

6. Laser Gun

The laser gun is a mid-range weapon that shoots a beam of laser. It can deal a lot of damage to single or multiple targets in the middle range. It is also effective against groups of enemies, but it is good to keep your crosshairs on target, as the laser gun can quickly overheat.

7. Sniper gun

If you are good at long-range battle, I recommend using a Sniper gun in Brotato to get more kills. Like in other shooter games, you will find sniper worst at reloading, but their damage-dealing ability is outstanding.

8. Slingshot

Slingshot is another long-range weapon which deals low damage to a single target but has high accuracy and shoots small stones. You can use it to kill a group of enemies from a far distance, but keep your aim steady, as the slingshot is one of the high recoil Brotato.

9. Shuriken

The shuriken is a close-range gun with high accuracy that throws small blades. It is also effective against groups of enemies, but it is best to be careful not to miss, as the shuriken can be difficult to use.

10. Obliterator

The Obliterator is one of the rare weapons in Brotato, and it has a Large energy-based cannon that can fire a powerful beam of energy that can destroy almost anything in its path. Since it is a rare weapon, it is only available to players who have reached a high level in the game. It simply aims the cannon at your target and fire. The energy beam will travel in a straight line, destroying anything that it hits. Overall, players should use the Obliterator sparingly and only when they are sure that they will be able to hit their target.