Blox Fruits Tier List & Best Fruits in the Game

Blox Fruits Tier List & Best Fruits in the Game

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game with different types of Fruits, which unlock at level 50, and you can purchase them from the Shop. This article will make a tier list of all Furits, ranking them from best to worst in Blox Fruits. So, let us continue:

Tier List of Blox Fruits

TiersAll Fruits List
S-TierMagma Fruit, Buddha Fruit, Dough Fruit, Venom Fruit, Soul Fruit, Leopard Fruit
A-TierLight Fruit, Flame Fruit, Ice Fruit, Sand Fruit, Dark Fruit, Shadow Fruit, Dragon Fruit
B-TierRubber Fruit, Door Fruit, Quake Fruit, String Fruit, Phoenix Fruit, Rumble Fruit, Gravity Fruit, Control Fruit
C-TierBomb Fruit, Smoke Fruit, Spike Fruit, Revive Fruit, Diamond Fruit, Love Fruit, Barrier Fruit, Paw Fruit
D-TierKilo Fruit, Spin Fruit, Chop Fruit, Spring Fruit, Falcon Fruit

Best Fruits in Blox Fruits

Magma fruit

The Maga fruit is good for farming in Blox Fruits. With the F move, you can create a magma path, which takes no energy and deals constant damage to the enemies. It also has an awakening, which makes this fruit deal more damage. As for PvP, due to its awakening, the damage can help a lot in the PVP. Its skills are hard to aim, but if you use it well, this is the best fruit in the game.

Buddha Fruit

Most players use Buddha fruit because it massively increases the Hitbox, which you can use to deal High damage to enemies from far away. It also has an awakening, which will further increase the Hitbox, which makes a bit of a disadvantage as the characters become the walking target for every player. Buddha fruit can make the character walk in the water, and you can use it for trading as it has really great value. 

Dough Fruit Blox fruits

The Dough Fruit is not a Great fruit for farming due to its nature; however, due to its awakening makes it a popular choice. It’s Every Move deals damage, making it overpowered fruit for PvP matches in Blox Fruits. It also has a high value, due to which Dough fruit can be used in trading to get better fruits and in-game materials. 

Venom Fruit

The venom is suitable for farming and PvP, and it has poison damage, which makes it even better Blox Fruits fruit. It also has a transformation which converts the character into a venom monster, in which when the character does a stomp attack, it leaves behind a poison puddle which deals continuous damage to enemies. 

As for the PvP, Venom fruit is ideal, as with the X move, it throws poison to enemies and leaves a trail of poison which deals continuous damage to kill the enemy in a single move. In transformation mode, this fruit gives a longer-range attack, which can be used to deal extra damage while being far away from the enemy.

Soul fruit blox fruits

The Soul Fruit is good for grinding as it has a lot of abilities. When you use it, it will summon plants, each with a different attack pattern; one of the plants can stunt the enemies while the other can poison the enemies, and it has its own attacks. Soul fruit also has a high value and can be great for trading.


The Special thing about Leopard fruit is it doesn’t consume any stamina. Due to its nature of not using energy, I have included this on the list. You can use it to spam the attack to enemies.


The dragon fruit has a lot of knockbacks when you use the skill. Although Dragon Fruit is not good for farming, it is ideal at PvP fights as you can transform into a dragon, which gives players a big range to attack the enemies. And you can fly up, which can make you make distance from the enemies. 

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