Brotato Best Characters & their Abilities

Brotato Best Characters & their Abilities

Brotato Mobile is a top-down arena shooter game where you play as a potato wielding up to 6 weapons at a time to fight off hordes of aliens. The game is available for free on Android and iOS devices. There are a variety of characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. So, here are the best Characters in Brotato and thier skills/abilities:

1. Well-Rounded

 Brotato well rounded

The Well-Rounded allow players to explore their preferred strategic style. While this character doesn’t provide significant statistical boosts, it acts as a stepping stone for players to discover their playstyle. Whether players prefer a gun-heavy assault or wielding multiple swords simultaneously, the Well-Rounded character introduces them to the diverse array of weapons and items available, enabling them to choose their best approach in Brotato.

With the Well-Rounded character, players gain a head start in their run with a 5% increase in speed, +5 HP points, and +8 in harvesting. Although these boosts may not be as substantial as those offered by other characters, they provide a foundation for players to shape and enhance the character’s strengths according to their preferences.

2. Doctor


The Doctor character may not deal the highest damage, but he is incredibly resilient, which means he has a significant boost in HP regeneration. At the start of each run, the Doctor receives a +5 bonus to HP regeneration, and as the game progresses, this regeneration is doubled. However, the Doctor does have a weakness in attack speed and armor modifications. Fortunately, by using Medical-type weapons, players can turn this disadvantage into an advantage. Equipping medical weapons grants a substantial boost of 200% to attack speed. It means that attacks can be delivered at a much faster rate, compensating for the attack speed deficit.

3. Jack

 Brotato Jack

Jack is one of the best characters in Brotato to kill final boss or the heavily-fortified aliens in the later waves smoothly. With Jack, players gain a more powerful offense against these tough adversaries, particularly boss types. His unique abilities include facing 75% fewer enemies, a 50% damage boost against elite and boss-type enemies, and receiving 200% more materials, which greatly facilitates weapon upgrades. However, it’s important to consider that enemies’ health is boosted by 250% and they deal 50% more damage, posing a heightened challenge.

4. Generalist


Generalist is a good character choice for players who appreciate versatility in combat, as he excels in ranged and melee encounters. To unlock the Generalist in Brotato, you need to collect a minimum of 300 materials. His perks grants +2 Melee Damage for each point of Ranged Damage and +1 Ranged Damage for every two points of Melee Damage. So, it ensures that both aspects of combat receive a proportional boost. However, the Generalist’s True balance comes with a limitation: you can only equip three melee weapons and three ranged weapons. Despite this restriction, his ability to adapt to various combat scenarios makes it a valuable character option for players seeking versatility in Brotato.

5. Farmer

Farmer Brotato

Farmar is one of the best characters for harvesting in Brotato. Harvesting plays a crucial role in acquiring upgraded weapons within the game. If you want to enhance your harvesting abilities, it’s time to consider using the Farmer character during your runs. To unlock the Farmer, you should reach a Harvesting level of +200. Given your expertise in harvesting, you will receive a five per cent increase in Harvesting for each wave once you reach +30 Harvest. Embracing the Farmer character will significantly enhance your harvesting prowess, allowing you to reap the benefits of upgraded weapons more effectively.

6. Gladiator


The Gladiator character is designed specifically for players who enjoy engaging enemies up close. This character is all about relentless attacking at close range. What makes the Gladiator even more formidable is the 20% increase in attack speed for each unique weapon they possess. While the Gladiator starts with a lower attack speed and luck, the boosts earned from wielding different weapons help to offset these deficits. Additionally, the Gladiator focuses on enhancing stats like dodge and armor, making them a formidable opponent for the adversaries. To unlock the Gladiator character in Brotato, players need to achieve a total kill count of 20,000.

7. Soldier


If you want to prioritize damage, attack speed, and pickup range rather than running and shooting in Brotato, then the Soldier is best among all characters for you. To unlock the Soldier, you need to win a Danger 2 run. So, the Soldier offers significant benefits, including a 50 per cent increase in damage, a 50 per cent increase in attack speed, a 10 per cent boost to speed, a 200 per cent increase in pickup range, and a +15 bonus to knockback ability. While he requires you to stand still while engaging enemies, the advantages it brings make it a valuable choice.

8. Demon


The Demon is the final unlockable character in Danger Run, and it brings a unique ability to the table. At the end of each wave, the Demon can convert 50 per cent of all gathered materials into additional Max HP, allowing players to enjoy a comfortable cruising experience. However, it’s important to note that you can purchase items using HP. Winning a game with the Demon grants players the opportunity to unlock the powerful Obliterator, a weapon favoured by champions. While unlocking the Demon may be challenging, its perk of converting collected materials into Max HP proves incredibly valuable for a successful run. Despite the drawback of using Max HP as currency in the shop, obtaining the Demon also unlocks the devastating Obliterator, which is renowned as one of the game’s most formidable weapons.