Captain | Farlight 84 | His Abilities, Levels, Skins

Captain | Farlight 84 | His Abilities, Levels, Skins

Captain is a male Defensive hero in Farlight 84, and he has a unique set of abilities which are beneficial to dominate the enemies. You can upgrade him up to level 10(Max), and each will add more power. Since he is a defense hero in the game, he is beneficial in the most significant situations; for example, in the final circle and competitive team fights.

Captain Skills & Abilities

captain skill 1
Aqua Blast
– He uses a powerful water gun to slow and deal damage to enemies.
– The water gun is fun to use and it is a good weapon to counter the opponent through your teammate.
– For instance, you must fire at the enemy which slows him and injure him from your side, and your teammate must support you.

Barrier Deployment
– He deploys a specially crafted spherical energy barrier at the point of impact.
– This ability will give you full security when you are fighting solo with the enemy squad

– He gains damage reduction when encountering area of effect attacks.
– So, with this skill, he becomes somewhat immune to bullets which are best for escaping dangerous situations and increasing survival time.

Captain Level

2His damage increases by additional 8%
3His HP limit increases
4His damage dealing ability further increases by 8%
5At this level, his energy barriers are upgraded, providing greater protection.
6His damage dealing ability further increases by 8%
7HP limit increases
8Again, 8% damage increases
9The CD of Tactical skill is reduced
10Further 8% damage increases


In Farlight 84, Captain has a total of 2 skins, excluding his default skin and here they are:

All skinsHow to Get
captain skin farlight 84
It cost 399 diamond to unlock from the store

Gold Agent
You will obtain this skin from the events