Cerebro Deck Marvel Snap Guide | Best Decks

Cerebro Deck Marvel Snap Guide | Best Decks

Cerebro Deck

Cerebro is a Marvel Snap Deck from Pool 3 (Collection level 486-?), which uses a total of 3 energy but has 0 power as the base power. It has the speciality of Ongoing type, which proves +2 power for the card with the highest power in your deck.

Cerebro upgrades the highest card’s power, so you can play this deck in various forms– Cerebro 2, Cerebro 3, etc. Here, we will be focussing on Snap Cerebro 3-based deck. Your deck should contain following cards :


Consisting of 0 energy meaning borderline free with the power 1, the wasp is best after pairing it with this deck.

Sentinel is a commonly found card which costs only 2 energy. It has 3 power by default in the game.

Bast has the effect when revealed of setting the power of all the cards of our hands to 3, no matter the power it originally had. So, with this, cerebro can have the effect of increased power on all the cards.

Shang-chi has power 3 and on reveal, destroys all the cards on that location with power 9 or more, which is useful for our low power deck.

On reveal, magik turns the location to Limbo, which essentially provides an extra turn in the game from 6 to 7.

Costing 5 energy but only having 3 power, valkyrie affects reveal to set all the power of the cards of that location to 3

Make full utilization of the card and its effect by making sure the highest power count is 3.

Due to the mystique’s copying effect of the last card that we used (our Cerebro card) on revealing, we can double the effect of Cerebro helping us achieve +4 overall power on the cards

How to Use Marvel Snap Cerebro Deck?

The Cerebro Deck is based on playing the Cerebro card; our main card followed by Mystique. If it is reveal, it helps us by copying the effect of our previously used card, which is Cerebro.

It is only useful when we have cards with 3 power in play. Then, they can become cards with power 7, allowing low energy costing cards with low-power to transform into high-power. In snap, with Cerebro, you can take various ways, such as using the Bast card to turn power of cards of our hands to 3 or even the Valkyrie to set the power to 3 of the cards of that location. You should modify your game according to how the game folds, but this is the general idea behind the deck.

Popular Marvel Snap Cerebro Variants

Base Card
Pool 3

Super Rare Pool

Rare pool

Steam Punk
Live Release

How to unlock Cerebro?

Cerebro is found in Pool 3 around collection level 486. It can also be purchased through the Marvel Token Shop for around 1,000 collector tokens.