Dead Cells Biome (Map) Complete Guide & Tips

Dead Cells Biome (Map) Complete Guide & Tips

Dead Cells have many Biomes, each with unique properties that distinguish it from others, so choosing the right Biome can increase or decrease the odds of winning a run. It can be challenging to choose a biome in the game, but this article will guide you with everything about it. 

Factors to Consider Choosing Biome

  1. The number of rewards as each Map will provide Useful items as rewards.
  2. The routes to a specific boss, as each selection of biomes, can lead you to a different boss.
  3. The amount of Cursed Chests as some biome has 1 guaranteed Cursed Chest while some don’t. 
  4. The food shop, as some, have a food shop and some don’t. It matters a lot at the higher levels. 
  5. The Builds can also affect. If you don’t have a suitable build, you will find it difficult to complete the challenges. 

All Biomes (Maps) in Dead Cells

  1. Toxic Sewers
  2. Castle Outskirts,
  3. Dilapidated Arboretum,
  4. Promenade of the Condemned,
  5. Rampart

  6. Concierge
  7. Ossuary
  8. The morass of the Banished
  9. Ancient Sewers
  10. Dracula’s Castle,

At the start of the game, the character always starts from the Prisoners’ Quarters, and you want to collect the two scrolls. Collect the equipment you like and try to get 30 kills to open the 30-kill door at the transaction section. Now, let us group all the Biomes so you can understand this Tutorial better:

Group A Biomes

If you have all 4 DLC, you have 4 options to choose a new biome now in Dead Cells. You can either go to the Toxic SewersCastle Outskirts, Dilapidated Arboretum or Promenade of the Condemned. This selection can affect the boss fight as you can lock yourself away from certain bosses and the Biomes.

The most common Biome that everyone is familiar with is Promenade of the Condemned, as it is easy at the beginning; however, as you progress, you will find it hard to complete as the zombie mobs turn into Failed Experiment and they can teleport as well. This Biome has dummies which provide a shield to the enemy. As you are in the second biome and don’t have good gear, you should avoid it in Harder difficulties. 

Toxic sewers is the best choice as this biome has 3 scrolls compared to other biomes in this selection, which have only 2 scrolls. Toxic Sewers have small spaces, and enemies tend to come close to character. So, if you have a fast-reacting weapon, you must select the Toxic Sewers Biome as a Dead Cells beginner player.

The Dilapidated Arboretum is also a better choice as this place has satisfactory space to use ranged weapons and is comparatively easier than the other two biomes.

The Castle Outskirts is a comfortable Biome to progress with as there is more space, and enemies don’t deal too much damage except the skeletons. Skeletons deal a lot of damage with their throwing bones.

There are two optional Biome to choose from–One Corrupted Prison, accessible from Toxic Sewers and Prison Depth, accessible from Dilapidated Arboretum and Promenade of the Condemned. So, I recommend taking these routes to get extra scrolls from these biomes.

Group B Biomes 

In this part, the First Biome is going to be the Ramparts. In the early game, try to avoid Ramparts as this Biome has the least amount of Scroll Fragment. The boss that follows up after this Biome is the Concierge, which should be avoided in higher difficulty. 

Another Biome that you must avoid is Ossuary because the next boss is the Concierge, and due to the long Biome, you can acquire Malaise, making it more difficult. 

The next Biome is Morass of the Banished, which is pretty good as this can provide 4 Scroll fragments, 1 food shop and a Cursed Chest. The boss you will be fighting is going to be Mama Tick.

The Ancient Sewers will be the best Dead Cells Biome(Map) as this gives 5 Scroll Fragments, and the Shop here has better quality than all the previous Biome mentioned. The Last Biome in this Group is Dracula’s Castle, and this Biome gives a cursed Chest, a food shop and an additional Scroll. Here, you can face the Death Boss. 

Group C Biomes 

After you defeat the first group of enemies, you can choose from 4 Biome. In this section, you want to choose Biome depending on the boss you want to face as the rewards are similar in this section, so the selection of Biome doesn’t matter a lot. 

The 4 Biome you could choose goes like this:

  1.  If you chose the first boss as The Concierge and The Death, you can go to these three Biomes: Fractured Shrines, Stilt Village and Slumbering Sanctuary.
  2. If you choose Mama Tick, You can go to these Biomes: Graveyard, Fractured Shrines, and Stilt Village.

It is recommended to go from the Graveyard in this section as this will give a lot of rewards, and this map is easy to run.

Stilt Village is not a suitable option as this Biome has fewer rewards. It does have a food shop, but no guaranteed cursed chest. 

From Graveyard, go to Cavern, as it has the highest possible rewards out of all the Biomes. You can fight the Scarecrow or The Giant in the Cavern. It is recommended to fight The Giant as he is an easier boss and has better drop compared to Scarecrow

After all of these, you will finally reach the Thorne Room, from where you can end the Run after defeating The Hand of the King in Dead Cells.