Dota 2 Storm Spirit Build Guide

Dota 2 Storm Spirit Build Guide

Zipper in and out with blue lightning bolts and tons of magic damage dealer, Storm Spirit is an intelligence-based Midlaner of Dota 2 whom we will build in this article. Here, You will know his items to purchase and the best skill build to enable him as a Midlaner.

When to pick Storm Spirit?

Storm Spirit is a magic damage-dealing hero, which means he is a spell caster and a nuker. He is good against squishy heroes and likes to play from a distance. Heroes with silences, heroes who chain lock the sun, etc can counter him. You should avoid picking Storm Spirit against heroes like Death Prophet, Juggernaut, Anti Mage, Silencer, etc. However, Storm Spirit is strong against heroes like Sniper, Lina, Invoker, Clinkz etc.

Strom Spirit Item Build

Here the table shows the best Items of Storm Spirit to build him Godlike in Dota 2 in most cases:

Starting itemsDescription

As a midlaner, sustaining hp during the laning stage is essential which can be done through tango.

Observer ward/wards
Maintaining vision around the mid-lane prevents Ganks, spotting runes, etc.

Iron branch
The iron branch is good for building up little stats in the early games and eventually building it into a wand.
Strom Spirit Early game ItemsDescription

Null talisman
Null talisman helps Storm expand his mana pool and mana regeneration is vital for casting spells.

Magic wand
The magic wand helps against spell casters and magic damage dealers. Use it only when needed for a surprise against enemies.

Bottle helps you refill your mana and hp whenever you return from the fountain/pick up runes.

Boots of Speed
This build item increases the movement speed and mobility of Storm Spirit.
Storm Spirit Mid game ItemsDescription

Treads help you with movement, mana regeneration and little spell amplification in the game.

Kaya increases your spell amplification and overall spell damage output.

Orchid enables your hero to engage in solo ganks silencing the enemy heroes from casting their spells
Storm Spirit Late-game ItemsDescription

Aghanim’s Shard
Aghanim’s Shard helps you to acquire new ability overload.

Kaya and Sange
Kaya and Sange on top of spell amplification also provide you with more hp and hp regen essential for survival against damages.

Black King Bar
This pairs with your skill kit, making you almost immortal from its spell immunity.

Aghanim’s Scepter
It upgrades your electric vortex to an aoe spell, useful for team fights.

Shiva’s guard
It helps your hero to gain vision around your hero and deal bonus magic damage to enemies.

Storm Spirit Skill build

Storm Spirit SkillLevels to pick upDescription

Static remnant
1, 3, 5, 7Storm spirit creates an image of him dealing damage to enemy units that come near in an aoe.

Electric vortex
4, 9, 13,16It causes the enemy unit to be dragged towards Storm Spirit, and they can’t perform any skills or active items during its duration. With Aghanim’s Scepter, the electric vortex can be cast on an aoe.

2, 8, 11,14Overload is a passive that enables your hero to get a charge after every spell you cast, which will deal extra damage on the next attack. With Aghanim’s shard, it can be upgraded to an active which will increase your damage on attacks.

Ball Lightning
6, 12, 18Ball lightning is Storm’s spirit main spell which enables him to travel quickly in a lightning ball across the map draining mana every second but also dealing damage to every unit along the way.

Storm Spirit Talents

500 Distance Auto Remnant in Ball Lightning
2x Overload Attack bounce
-1.25s Static Remnant cooldown
+0.4s Electric vortex
+50 Static Remnant damage
+250 Health
+1.5 Mana regeneration
+20 Attack speed
Level 10 – +1.5 Mana regenerationLevel 15 – +50 Static Remnant damage
Level 20 – +0.4s Electric vortexLevel 25 – 2x Overload Attack bounce