Eternal Evolution Best Healers You Must Build | Top 5

Eternal Evolution Best Healers | Top 5

As we already know that Eternal Evolution is a strategic game. This game requires a proper selection of heroes rather than quick reflexes and other skills. Once you choose a good lineup, victory is yours. There are about 6 roles in the game. Among them, the healer is a support hero that can restore HP to your other heroes. They are essential for keeping your team alive in difficult battles. So, here are the Top 5 Good healers in Eternal Evolution:

1. Sorvaley

Sorvaley Eternal Evolution
pic: Allclash

Sorvaley is a light tank-type healer with good stats in Eternal Evolution, and she has a hp of around 200k, which is more than some tanks. Additionally, she has got a 3k attack and 1k defence.

Sorvaley has a lot of Hp, which is important because her ultimate ability drains life from enemies and heals her whole team. It also does a little damage based on a small part of her huge HP pool over time in a wide area. Sometimes, it can trap enemies with a 50% chance.

2. Botta

Botta is a powerful burst healer with a unique ultimate that can heal one target for a large amount based on her high HP (roughly 150k). Her common skills include small area heals for other allies and a talent that pulls enemies toward the healed ally.

She also sets up a Fountain of Life at the start of the battle, which charges up when she uses skills. Once charged, the Fountain gives a shield and energy boost to the ally closest to death. Botta is considered the best healer in the game and is best used manually to save those who need healing the most.

3. Masrani

Masrani is a good healer with powerful healing skills, whose ultimate heals an area for 7-11% of his max HP, and when talented, it adds an extra 2% heal over time. His common skills include a heal for 2-6% of his max HP and a small attack buff for the team.

He can also provide shields to two backlines or high-ATK allies every 12 seconds, worth 3-6% of his max HP. Additionally, his healing grants a 6-10% damage reduction buff to the healed target. Masrani is a valuable healer in Eternal Evolution, and if you have him, use him as your main healer since strong healers are rare in the game.

4. Liran


Liran is not as good as other healers, but he can still be helpful in battles by using a powerful disabling skill and a good healing passive. His heals depends on his low HP pool. His ult heals the entire team for 2-5% of his max hp, as it heals the entire team and no aiming is required, using his ult is easier.

Other common skills have got stun ability which can stun the enemies for 1-2 seconds. His passive is simple, he heals the allies with the least hp nearer to him by 0.75-1.3% of max Hp continuously.

5. Serena

Serena is another best Eternal Evolution healer whose true strength lies in her massive DEF buffing skill, which can provide a 30-39% increase. It helps keep her team alive for longer. The talent for her DEF buff allows her to target two allies, making the team tougher to defeat. Her common healing skill can also deal damage if talented.

Overall, Serena is valued for her defensive capabilities more than her healing.