Farlight 84 VS CODM | Comparing Both Games

Farlight 84 VS CODM | Comparing Both Games

Call of Duty Mobile and Farlight 84 are popular battle royale games which offer a similar gameplay experience, but there are some differences between the two games. This article will compare CODM VS Farlight 84 to find out which is the better game.

Farlight 84 is a newer game and has a more modern graphical style. The game features a large open-world map with unique vehicles and a wide range of weapons. Farlight 84 also has a unique crafting system, allowing players to create weapons and vehicles. 

CODM is a more established game and has a larger player base. The game features a variety of maps and weapons. It also has a competitive ranked mode which allows players to test their skills against other players. 

There is only a minor difference between Cod Mobile VS Farlight 84; for instance, landing style, jetpacks, vehicles, guns, gameplay style etc. In Farlight, the jetpack only produces thrust, but in Cod Mobile, it can make it fly for a short time. 

Talking about the gameplay:- in COD, crouch and shoot are not much accurate, but in Farlight 84, crouch and shoot are smooth and work fast. 

Now talking about the character in the game:- Call of Duty Mobile has a large collection of characters, whereas, despite being a new game, Farlight 84 has lesser characters and weapons choices in its arsenal than its counterpart. 

One feature which makes Farlight 84 a little different is its unique vehicles.

In Summary: CODM VS Farlight 84

Farlight 84

  1. It has good graphics and complex gameplay. 
  2. Farlight 84 has a more futuristic setting, with vehicles and weapons, which you will not get from its opponent.
  3. It has a more arcade-like feel, focusing on fast-paced action and over-the-top visuals.
  4. It has a more modern graphical style, so if you are looking for a game with stunning visuals, you will love it.
  5. A crafting system is available.
  6. Less choice of weapons and characters
  7. Less popular

Call of Duty: Mobile

  1. CODM has a simple mechanism and gameplay, with weapons and vehicles based on real-world counterparts.
  2. It is a more competitive feel, with ranked modes and tournaments.
  3. It has traditional-style graphics. 
  4. A crafting system is not available.
  5. More choices of weapons and characters.
  6. It is a massively popular game. 

In conclusion, we cannot decide which game is better; It depends upon the user’s taste. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your personal preferences. If you are looking for a modern game with a large open world and a unique crafting system, then Farlight 84 is a good choice. If you are looking for a game with a larger player base, a ranked mode, and a variety of maps and modes, then CODM is a good choice.