Genshin Impact Wanderer Build Guide: 2023

Genshin Impact Wanderer

Genshin Wanderer 

Wanderer is a gacha 5-star rarity character of Genshin Impact, which you can obtain through the event banner. He is an ananemo vision character who uses a catalyst as his weapon.

Wanderer’s Abilities and Skills

1. Normal attack: Yuuban Meigen (NA)
Normal attack of Wanderer: Yuuban Meigen (NA)

Wanderer performs up to 3 attacks using wind blades, dealing with Anemo DMG. In charged attack, he gathers a build-up of high wind pressure and deals AoE Anemo DMG after a short casting time.

2. Elemental skill (Hanega: Song of the Wind)
Wanderer's Elemental skill (Hanega: Song of the Wind)

While using Elemental skill, Genshin Wanderer levitates himself dealing AoE Anemo DMG, and enters the Windfavored state. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds.

In the Windfavored state, Wanderer gains an extra stamina bar(Kuugo: Toufukai), which help his levitation, Normal, and Charged Attacks. He cannot perform Plunging attacks in this state. When he uses Normal or Charged attacks, the DMG and AoE increase, and their DMG will be considered Normal and Charged attack DMG, respectively, and it will not consume his Stamina. 

  • Persistently consumes Kuugoryoku Points to maintain Wanderer’s levitation. 
  • When sprinting, extra points will be consumed for the Wanderer to accelerate mid-air. Holding sprint will cause continuous consumption of the point to maintain speed.
  • Jumping expends extra points to increase his hovering height.
3. Elemental Burst (Kyougen: Five Ceremonial Plays)
Wanderer's Elemental Burst (Kyougen: Five Ceremonial Plays)

Wanderer in Genshin deals with multiple instances of AoE Anemo DMG when using Elemental Brust and comes to an end after casting his Burst if his Elemental skill is active. The cost of Wanderer’s brust is 60 energy and has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

4. Passive talent: Jade-Claimed Flower

If the Elemental skill of Genshin Impact Wanderer comes in contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cyro/Electro, he will obtain a buff according to the contacted element:

  • Pyro: ATK increases by 30%
  • Cyro: Crit rate increases by 20%
  • Electro: When Normal and Charged Attacks hit an opponent, 0.8 of Energy restores for every 0.2s 

You can have up to 2 different kinds of these buffs simultaneously.

5. Passive talent: Gales of Reverie 
Genshin Impact Wanderer's Passive talent: Gales of Reverie

When the Wanderer character hits opponents with his Elemental skill in his Windfavored state, he has a 16% chance of obtaining the Descent effect. It means when he sprints in mid-air, he will not consume any of his Kuugoryoku Points, and he will fire 4 wind arrows dealing 35% of his ATK as Anemo DMG each. 

Each time Wanderer does not create this effect, the next attack of those types will have a 12% increased chance of producing it. It has a cooldown of 0.1 seconds each time he does not get this effect. 

Talent upgrade priority for Wanderer in Genshin

The main source of Wanderer’s damage is his normal attacks and Elemental skill. So, prioritize them first, then, at last, upgrade his elemental burst. 

  • Normal Attack>Elemental skill>Elemental Burst

All About Wanderer Build in Genshin Impact

Wanderer’s Best Artifacts in Genshin 

Before talking about his artifacts, he is a character who scales off from attack, which determines which type of artifact brings the most out of him. So we want to give Wanderer crit damage and crit rate as much as possible, and attack% will also be good for him.

Here are the best 4-piece set and 2-piece set artifacts to build Wanderer in Genshin Impact:

  • Desert Pavilion (4-piece set): This artifact set is perfect for Wanderer’s build as a 2-piece set gives you a 15% Anemo DMG, and in a 4-piece, he gains 10% attack SPD and 40% DMG in his normal, charged, and plunging attack. 
  • Shimenawa’s Reminiscence(4-piece set): The 2-piece set gives Wanderer 18% ATK, and in the 4-piece effect, it increases his normal, charged, and plunging attack by 50% which is also the best buff. But as the character loses 15 energy while using Elemental skill, you want to give him more energy recharge, due to which he loses a bit of damage for an overall situation.
  • 2-piece Anemo DMG and 2-piece 18% ATK: You can give Wanderer 2-pieces of viridescent venereror which have anemo DMG, and 2-piece of 18% ATK.

Wanderer’s Artifact stats and sub-stats priority 

As for the sands of Wanderer in Genshin Impact, prioritize the one with ATK%, and for the goblet, prioritize the Anemo damage bonus cup. As for the circlet, you want crit rate or crit damage depending on your stats which you need the most. You want the artifacts sub-stats as the crit damage, and crit rate must be your first priority, and the second priority you want to give to attack%, and the third should be at energy recharge. 

Best Weapons of Wanderer in Genshin Impact

For the weapon section, the signature weapon, Tulaytullah’s remembrance, is the best slot for Wanderer as this weapon gives a lot of crit damage. The sub-stats of this weapon increase his normal attack SPD by 10%. It increases his Normal attack DMG by 4.8% every second for 14s, which max stack to 48%.

Tulaytullah’s remembrance: Best weapon sloth of Wanderer in Genshin

The 5-star weapon lost prayer to the sacred winds, is also a perfect choice for Wanderer in Genshin as it gives a lot of crit rate and has really good sub-stats.

Best 5-star weapon of Wanderer in Genshin

Wanderers can also use Kagura’s verity as, a Genshin 5-star weapon, as it has good stats as crit damage. It is a better substitute if you do not have his signature weapon.

Kagura's verity Genshin

You can go for Skyward Atlas or Memory of Dust for Wanderer, as these weapons give a lot of ATK%.

Skyward Atlas
Memory of Dust

As for the 4-star weapon, you can use Solar Pearl, The Widsith, and Dodoco Tales for Genshin Wanderer. The best option from these weapons would be Dodoco Tales as it has ATK% as its main stats, and for sub stats, it increases your normal attack and charges really good attack DMG

Solar Pearl genshin weapon
The Widsith genshin weapon
Dodoco tales genshin

Wanderer’s Weapon ranking

This weapon test was done in a team of Wanderer/Faruzan/Layla/Xingqiu:

Weapons% of Damage
Tulaytullah’s remembrance113.6%
Memory of Dust124.8%
Skyward Atlas119.6%
Lost prayer to the sacred winds119.3%
The Widsith R5115.3%
Kagura’s verity113.1%
Dodoco Tales110.1%
Solar Pearl108.9%

Playstyle: How to play Wanderer in Genshin Impact?

Wanderer Playstyle is not really that hard. He is an easy character to use. To get the most out of him, use his Elemental skill, then do 3 Normal attacks, or you can do 2 normal attacks. Then charge attack or just spam his charged attack when there are a lot of small enemies. You want to use his elemental burst at the end.

Wanderer’s Best Team composition

Pair Wanderer with Faruzan in Genshin makes good comp since she is a buff for the anemo damage. You want to have Bennett with Wanderer, as he gives a lot of attacks and can heal your entire team. The last slot is flexible. You can use another anemo character or other element characters to activate your wanderer’s passive skill.

Here are some team comps you can try for Wanderer in Genshin Impact:

Wanderer Team comp in Genshin Impact
Best team of Wanderer for a small group of enemies
Team composition of Wanderer in Genshin
Thoma shield and pyro resonance can be used here
3rd best team comp of Wanderer
The wanderer can gain the most out here.