How can you get high points on cheer park of PUBG mobile?

This blog is all about the tips to get high points on shooting range of cheer park in PUBG mobile.

In the latest update 1.18.0, PUBG mobile introduced cheer park shooting range room for training and skill upgrading.

But before the update, the player used to go on the training ground to upgrade their skills and aim.

The facilities of cheer park are;

  • You can get all kind of weapons with endless ammo to improve weapon aiming and skills.
  • Furthermore, you can use every vehicle inside the cheer park to practice smooth driving.
  • Moreover, you can have a conversation with many unknown players and challenge them for the arena or outpost.

The most player love to go to cheer park room for various reasons like;

  • To upgrade their driving and weapon skills with unlimited fun.
  • To get a daily supply crate coupon for free.
  • Also, To highlight their name on top of the record board collecting the highest points on the cheer park shooting range.

You can get high points on PUBG mobile cheer park by;

1. Select the best weapon and attachment.

To get more scores on shooting range of cheer park, you need to select the best gun and suitable attachment.
Therefore, I suggest you take a pair of M416, and it’s a suitable attachment.
Because M416 is easy to use and control recoil.

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So, this is the best attachment selection for M416 to rank your name on top on cheer park shooting range;

6X scopeBest for
zoom out.
Vertical foregripBest for
Tactical stockControl recoil
without ADS scope
quickdraw mag
High ammo capacity.
Quick reload.
Best for;
Long & short range
Best M416 attachments.

2. Target the head

How can you get high points on cheer park of PUBG mobile
You should target your aim on the top head(5).

As you know, the headshot reward more damage to classic matches.
Similarly, on the cheer park training ground, you need to aim the head for more points.
Because, if you do so, you not only get the high score but also you can easily save your time.

3. Prone fire

The player misses the bullet and time who can’t control the movement of their weapon while firing.
Therefore, You should able to control your recoil for accurate aim. And, you can balance your recoil by prone fire.
So, before your time start, you should become ready by prone with accurate weapon aim.

4. Practice makes a man perfect.

You will not do the best on your first chance.
So you should try for my time to get a high score in the cheer park shooting range.
Therefore, you should keep practising to control your movent and weapon.
Don’t worry, if you lose in the cheer park you will not miss your tier position.

5. Save time

To get the highest points on PUBG shooting range of cheer park room, you should manage your time.
You will get 60 seconds, so the best ways to save your time are;

  • Don’t miss your aim
  • You will get unlimited ammo, so don’t reload your weapon until it becomes empty.
  • Focus on the head for more points in less time.

6. Use the best place

In the cheer park room, you will see many players who come there for practice. So, you will get disturbed due to the crowd. As a result, you will not get a chance to shoot accurately.
Therefore, you should go to the best place like the desk of a scope located in front of you.

7. Best control and sensitivity

To get the best result, you should focus on your game sensitivity setting.
So, your game sensitivity should be smooth. Or, click here to get tips of pro player sensitivity.

So, I have mentioned the useful tips to rank your name on the top of the shooting range record board.
Therefore, use those ways to get high points on PUBG cheer park training groud.

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