How to earn money online during a lockdown: Go online

Earn money online

Are you searching the ways to earn money online during a lockdown? Let’s read this content to get some ideas.

If you are searching for your dream job at a big company, then you will not get, until the lockdown. Because the job providing business and companies are in loss due to the COVID19 (lack of customer in the market). Therefore, they don’t want to want to pay an extra salary to new staffs.

So, forget about working for others and start to use your own talent and skills. No lockdown can stop you if you are a real money magnet. You are jobless though you want to earn money during the lockdown, then prepare yourself to start something new.

Because of technology, offline business avenues are failing, and online business is going ahead. The trend of online business is surging day by day. During the lockdown, other offline business activities are closed. However, online business is in the race. So, the majority of the people are taking benefit of online business. And they are earning a full-time salary during the lockdown. You can earn money online during lockdown if you invest your free time on the internet.

Can I earn money online during lockdown without skills?

No, you can’t do anything in your life without skills. But who told, you don’t have skills? Don’t forget, you got a talented mind.
Do you have a mobile or, computer with internet access? If you have then, think yourself lucky. Now, you have all the resource to earn money, only you need to use your mind.
Look, no one is born with internet knowledge. If you ask about skill, then, did anyone taught you how to use Facebook? No, you learnt yourself. How? Because you had the interest to learn it. So, your desire is your skill. The more you will want to know, then the more you will learn and succeed. Don’ t say you don’t have skills when you have all the money-making resources in your hand.

Is online earning is legitimate?

Yes, online earning is legit.
Nowadays, most of the business is done online. Why? Because nowadays people remain active in online, rather than offline. So, the internet is becoming the platform to interact with the customer. Therefore, business organization are making online business agent, to advertise and sell their product. They search for an online salesman, and they search for an advertiser. So, you can earn legit money online if you help them.

Do you read blogs and article every day? Whenever you click on those blogs, do you see Ad? Then, what do you think the blogger allows an advertiser to post advertisement on his blog for free? No, they pay the blogger for placing an ad on their blogs. It is all business chain. I have a Youtuber and blogger friend who are earning a full-time salary on the internet.

But, be alert from some website or apps. Internet is an electronic world full of good and scam things. They can subdue you by giving you some amount, and take all your valuable information and data. Therefore, don’t fill your personal data unless you don’t trust the company.

How to earn money online during a lockdown?

Create Website: Sell and earn

What is a website?
It is like your personal diary or journal, where you publish your valuable experience skill and information about the specific field in written form.

Are you sitting jobless during the lockdown despite having good knowledge in a particular field? If you are then, wake up. And use your experience to earn money online during the lockdown. Website is the best platform to make money online. Therefore, if you are an expert in any field (business, art, health and fitness, many more), then the website is a perfect option to earn money during this lockdown.

earn money online
Create your own website.

Why to make a website?

  • The hobby of writing: Earn by sharing your experience and idea to other people.
  • Promotion purpose: If you already have any business, then you can promote your business using your site with more than 4 billion customers on the internet.

How to make my own website?
It is simple. In the case you don’t have some capital to invest, then you can make a website from which is free. However, you can’t decorate your site according to your wish.

But, if you want to be a professional blogger, then Word press is suitable for you. It requires a small amount of investment to buy your domain name and hosting server. Don’t worry! It doesn’t cost more than $20 per year. And you can purchase your domain from or which are popular sites.

So despite talents, don’t remain jobless during the lockdown. Try to do something new during COVID19. Start to earn money online during lockdown.

How will I earn from my site?
It is not a big deal to write article or blogs. But to start earning it requires visitors on your post. Because your visitors are your customer. When more than 1000 visitor opens your site per day, then you will start to earn. So, after you have set up your site with valuable contents, then Adsence will provide you approval to promote your or other’s product. Then you can apply for affiliated marketing or place the others advertisement on your site. And start to earn money online without hard work.

What is Affiliated marketing?
In simple language, it is the process of selling other’s product for a commission. Suppose you place product on your site and if any visitor buys that product from your site, you will get a good commission.

Create youtube channel: present and earn

Do you want to earn money online? Why don’t you try youtube instead of sitting jobless during a lockdown? Almost every internet user hang on youtube everyday. Then why don’t you attract those users toward you with your mind-blowing videos? Youtube is the best platform to earn money online during the pandemic. This platform not only gives you money but also, give name and fame.
Don’t you have the capital to invest?
Don’t worry, to be a part of youtube, you don’t need to invest.

earn money online
Create your youtube channel, earn name and wealth

What is needed to start a youtube channel?

  • zero dollar investment.
  • Good presentation and communication skill.
  • Useful video content.

What to focus before starting a youtube channel?

First, know your talents. Are you a good dancer or singer?
Can you motivate others?
Do you have technical and internet knowledge? or anything.
After knowing your talent in a specific field, now choose a niche to make videos for your audience.

What is a niche?

In a simple language, it is selected field about which, you will make video content. So, if you have enough knowledge about dieting, then health and fitness is your niche. If you are a video game lover, then entertainment is your niche.

You don’t need to purchase a domain name nor hosting server like in a website. Just open the youtube application on your mobile or computer, create your channel and start to upload your informative video content.

How will I earn from youtube?
Youtube is the best way to earn money online without going anywhere. So, when you upload videos in your channel, obviously you will get a viewer. And those viewers are your customer. When you reach the least 1000 subscriber (regular customer), you will start earning. Thus, google will place Ad on your famous video by google Adsense and pay you value for that. Also, you can promote someone business or your own to your audience. Therefore, you can earn via advertisement. Again, there are many methods to monetize your channel if you attract many viewers with your contents.

Don’t sit jobless during lockdown make your own youtube channel and start to earn money online.

E-Book writer: Write and earn

You have enough free time during the lockdown, so instead of being depressed use your mind in productive things. Don’t waste your lockdown time thinking negative about the future, you can do a lot if you want. So, start to earn money online by writing something during the lockdown.
Do you have a hobby of writing, then why don’t you make your hobby into a profession?
Do you have imagination power to write books? If you have, then don’t say you are jobless. Peoples are earning a lot of money by writing. So, you can write about anything like astrology, science fictions, fantasy stories, or life experiences or, anything.

Write and earn using internet
Change your hobby into profession.

Why write E-books?

  • Improve your writing skills.
  • Earn money online selling your written books.
  • Boost your imagination power.
  • To be a famous writer.

How will I sell my books? Who will be my customers?
On this digital world, most of the people prefer to read online. So, if you have writing skill, then no one can stop you from success.

If you have a hobby to write, then don’t you think someone has a hobby to read? In your leisure time brainstorm your mind and write stories, articles or anything. Now there is some website like PAYHIP, Amazon kindle direct publishing, Blurb, where you can sell your written books. Sign up to these websites and be a member.

So, after you become a member, then you will get approval to place your written book for sale. Fix your book price and start to earn money online.
Also, you can sell or promote your E-book using your own website. Your site visitors are your customer who will buy your books.

Online guide: Teach and earn

Online tutoring is another way to earn money online during the lockdown. Because of COVID19, all the school and university are closed. Therefore, students are searching for the best teacher on the internet. Why don’t you try to be their guide, if you have good knowledge in a particular subject?
If you want to make a good income by teaching, then you can start online tutoring. However, your salary will depend upon your teaching quality and the subject you choose. Many online tutors are making more than $60 per hour.
There is no point to get depressed at home, instead share your knowledge with others, and create your own job.

You have all money-making resources,

Now it’s time to use the creative mind.

The benefit of tutoring online.

  • Communicate with the people during the lockdown.
  • Improve your teaching skills during the lockdown.
  • Earn money online while sitting at home.

How to be an online tutor?

You can sign up to the, which is a famous site to prove yourself as a good teacher.
After you become a member of the site.

  • select the subject you interested to teach.
  • Then after, you need to give an exam on that subject to show, you are eligible to teach.
  • While you complete your exams, you have to pass a mock session (sampling). You have to present your teaching style practically to show, how good you are in teaching.
  • After you finish your mock test and exam, submit your qualification. And start to spread knowledge and earn money online.

Freelance: Solve and earn

Are you good at solving problems? If you know how to solve the problem of a specific field, then you can earn money online as a freelancer.
Whenever you want money, just open your computer or phone, solve the problem of your client and make an honourable amount. It is an independent job without any pressure or force. The best thing about freelancing is, you will not work as a servant or employee, but you will work like a boss. That’s why it is called freelancing (work when you are free).

No lockdown can stop you

if you are a real money magnet.

How to be a freelancer?
Don’t let your talent go waste. It’s easy to become a freelancer. Join a famous website like or, Fiverr to start freelancing. And begin to earn money online during the lockdown, without wearing a mask.

join freelancer and be the expert
Make your career with freelance

What kind of skill is required to start freelance?
Every skill that can solve the problem of your customer is applicable.
Can you develop software and applications? Are you good in photoshop? Do you know how to mix videos? Do you know about AI or IT? Can you solve the general computer problems? Anything…
So, depending on your skills, select your niche to whom you will guide. Also, fix your price for your service. And start to provide your assistance, and begin to earn money online.

Benefit of Freelancing

  • Become a great problem solver.
  • Earn full-time salary effortlessly.
  • Easy and comfortable to work.
  • Expand your business.

Online survey: Help and earn

Participating in the online survey is another way to earn money online during the lockdown. The business organizations do market research before launching a new product market or, before spreading their business to know about the choice of the customer. Therefore, they do a survey using the internet where they met with billions of customer.

To earn from an online survey, first, you need to register on the online survey websites. There are many famous online survey companies. And their work is to survey to find out the best market place for their product.
After your registration is complete, occasionally they will ask you a general question, related to your product choice. When you answer the question, the survey company will reward you with money or redeemable points.

Nowadays, you have enough free time to participate in an online survey, just tell them about what they ask and earn money online.

You can’t make a much amount of money from the survey, but something is better than nothing. So, if survey companies are giving you cash for your decent reply, then why to miss chance during a lockdown? So, help those online survey companies and earn.

But be aware of scam companies, many websites rob valuable information of the user in the name of the survey. Therefore, think properly before providing them with your personal information. Only try that website which is reputed and trusted.

How to earn money online during a lockdown: Go online

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