How to Fix Ping in Farlight 84 | Reduce Lag 

How to Fix Ping in Farlight 84? 

This article will guide you with the best ways to fix the high ping issue in Farlight 84 to obtain lag-free gameplay. So, let us begin:

One of the biggest problem gamers often encounters while playing Farlight 84 is increasing ping. Ping refers to the reaction time you experience with your internet connection. It indicates how quickly you receive a response from the game servers after sending a request. A low ping means a faster response from the server causing smooth gameplay. All the gamers seek low ping. 

Farlight 84 is an adventure video game which offers a unique immersive gaming experience set in a futuristic world. The game immerses itself in intense combat and strategic missions, exploring a vast open world filled with possibilities. The game combines shooting, survival and exploration features. Players have various weapons and equipment to fight opponents and traverse challenging territory. 

A poor ping in Farlight 84 mobile may cause the game to lag, which is a much more frustrating experience. Many people believe that high-speed internet helps reduce Ping. Yes, good internet is one of the ping-affecting factors, but other reasons increase the ping in the game. So, here are the tips to get low ping:

Change DNS server

A DNS server is like a particular phone book that helps your computer find the right address (IP address) for the websites you want to visit, so you can easily go to the right place on the internet and play games or watch videos. It might not be a very effective way to reduce being, but you can somehow improve the ping. You can use a cloud fare DNS server [] to solve the high ping problem in Farlight 84 and Follow these steps to implement it:

  1. Open Wi-Fi settings 
  2. Go to advanced settings
  3. Set IP settings to static
  4. Make these changes
  5. Leave the Ip address, Gateway and network prefix length as it is. Change DNS 1 and DNS to and
  6. Save and enjoy

Installation of Third-party app

You can install and run third-party apps like a Game booster to reduce ping and play Farlight 84 without lagging. GFX is one of the popular game booster tools. Game Boosters are software applications designed to optimize and enhance the gaming experience on Android mobile devices. The application optimizes the device’s CPU, GPU, and RAM resources to provide a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. This type of app helps to reduce ping through different optimization.

Try a VPN

A VPN provides a secure encrypted tunnel that operates at the Operating system level and provides security for all systems it uses. It is an online service that encrypts your data by redirecting your web browser to another secure location. It is a secure method that will provide end-to-end security. There are several VPN Apps available on Play Store. Try using a VPN with the nearest location, and check if the ping is working fine. As you connect to the nearest game server location, there will be a drop in ping. 

Bonus tips:

  1. If you are playing Farlight 84 from Wi-Fi, try playing the game in aeroplane mode, which can help you to fix the ping problem to some degree.
  2. Play the game with the lowest graphics.
  3. Click on the repair the game option on the loading screen – [top left corner]. Turn off power saving mode while playing- if possible, play connecting charger.