How to get Noob lobby in Pubg mobile\BGMI: Easy tips

How to get Noob lobby in Pubg mobile\BGMI: Easy tips

The player without survival and fighting skills in the battleground island is a Noob player. So, let’s discuss the tips on how you can get the Noob lobby in the Pubg mobie\BGMI.

However, before that, you need to know the advantages of having a lobby of new players in the game.

  • Easy to get more kills

You know, the Noobs are a new player and don’t know the fighting technique. So, if your lobby match with Noobs, then it would be easy for you to get the highest number of kills.

  • Advantages of chicken dinner

The weak player lobby gives you a high chance of getting chicken dinner in every match effortlessly.

  • Higher statistics

If you get high kills and get chicken dinner in every match, then your PUBG mobile\BGMI profile statistics will go up. Even other players will call you a pro. And Noob lobby can make it possible in less time.

  • Easy to complete missions

The RP missions demand to finish the enemy with AR, melee, vehicles to get rewards. So, if you get Noob enemies in the matches, you can do it in some minutes.

Here’s how you can get Noob lobby in Pubg mobile\ BGMI

Before starting, let’s know how BGMI or PUBGM make a match?

  • By rank

If you are in diamond rank, you will get an enemy with the same tier in the battleground.

  • By KD

If your KD ratio is high and if you finish more enemies in every match, then you will get a pro player as your opponent.

  • By the finish

If you fail to survive(0-1kills) in 2-4 matches continuously, you will get a weak lobby.

  • By teammate

If your squad and teammate’s KD ratio and rank are high, then your match will start with skilled and pro players. No matter if you are in low-level.

  • By level

If your game level is high, then you have to face a high-level opponent in the battleground.

(NOTE): There is no exact algorithm of the PUBG mobile match-making process. However, most of the time, the above points decide your lobby.

I hope you understand. And now you can forecast something about the kind of lobby you will get in the game.

Play with low-tier player

Playing with the low-rank player is the best thing you need to consider to get a lobby of weak players in Pubg mobile or BGMI. Like Bronze, platinum player.

But if you don’t have those players on your friend list, you can send a request for team recruitment on a global.

Also, you can give leadership to a low-tier player in the group to start the match, If your team is full. If he\she starts the mission, you will get a Noob lobby with a high chance.

However, if you don’t want to send team requests, then you can join a low-level player in a global team directly. Your lobby will match with:

  • lots of loots
  • new players
  • unskilled players.

And you should customize the ‘setting’ to send team recruitment. Here is the setting:

Look forNone
Lowest tierBronze
Save 1st languageNone

Best filter setting to get weak player lobby with a low tire in Pubg mobile\Battleground mobile INDIA

MapYour choice
PerspectiveTPP or FPP, your choice
Save 1st languageNone

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