How to get Rimac Nevera car skins in Pubg new state?

How to get Rimac Nevera car skins in Pubg new state?

Pubg new state introduced Rimac Nevera car skins as a Rimac crate opening reward on 14th January 2022. These skins have legendary and luxurious looks. The best thing about the Ramic Navera car skins is that you can unlock them for free. Yes, it is possible to get them free if you have good luck and enough chicken medals.

The Ramic crate contains five different types of skins of Nevera car with different beautiful looks, and they are:
(i) Prism glow
(ii) Sunburst red
(iii) Luminous gold
(iv) Nevera blue
(v) Gun powder Grey

More about Nevera skins

1. Rimac Nevera- Prism glow
Rimac Nevera- Prism glow skin

The prism glow is one of the best and attractive skin rewards of the Rimac crate in Pubg new state. It has a shiny look with different colors like a rainbow. But, the chance of getting the Rimac Navera prism glow skin is only 0.25%.

2. Rimac Nevera- Starburst red
Rimac Nevera- Starburst red skin

The skin name itself says. The starburst red skin has a deep red color that makes the car really attractive and eye-catching. Its unlocking chance from the Ramic crate is 0.35%, which is more than the previous legendary skin.

3. Rimac Nevera- Luminous gold
Rimac Nevera- Luminous gold skin

The third reward of the Ramic crate opening is Navera-Luminous gold skin. It is fully green-colored skin which looks too shiny. Just imagine, you unlocked this green skin. So, the chance of getting luminous gold skin is also 0.35%.

4. Rimac Nevera- Nevera blue
Nevera blue skin

The fourth legendary car skin reward of the crate is Nevera blue. The name itself says it is fully blue-colored skin, and you will unlock this skin with a 0.45% chance which is more than previous car skin rewards.

5. Rimac Nevera-Gunpowder grey
Rimac Nevera-Gunpowder grey skin

It is the final version of Nevera skin in Pubg New state. This skin has normal look compared to other skin, but it would be the Biggest achievement if you get it from the crate opening because it is a Nevera skin- with a 0.45% outcome chance.

How to get Rimac Nevera car skins in Pubg new state

You know the Rimac Nevera skins are the reward of the Rimac crate, so you have to open the crates, to get these skins. Either you need chicken medals or NC or Rimac crate voucher to get the rewards from the crate.

Here is the detail
(i) X3 Chicken medals for one crate opening and X30 Chicken medals for 11 openings. OR
(ii) X30 NC for one opening and X3000 NC for 11 openings. OR
(iii) Rimac crate vouchers

Using the chicken medals for crate opening is the best way to unlock free Rimac Nevera car skins in Pubg new state. So here is some best way of opening the RImac crates.

Step 1:- Firstly, collect chicken medals and Rimac crate vouchers from the mailbox every day.

|Step 2:- Also, collect these crate opening currencies from the weekend day gift, gather together, and daily roulette.

Step 3:- After collecting enough Medals and vouchers, go to the crate section and tap on ‘Riamc crate’ to open it.

Step 4:- Select how many times you want to open and tap on the open button. And tap on Ok.

Now, luck will decide the outcome of the reward. But, if you want to get Nevera car skins in Pubg new quickly, you can use NC.