How to increase the chance to get a job after graduation? Get job on time

How to increase the chance to get a job after graduation

What to do in college to Increase Chances of Getting a Job After graduation

After the long journey of student life, you come to the point when you wanted to get a job offer from your dream company. But unfortunately, your wish turn into disappointment, why? This article has written by adding some life experience to tell What to do in college to increase the chance to get a job after graduation; What mistakes in college life didn’t let you get a job in time. Therefore, reads this article with focus and understanding.

You are still jobless, Isn’t it shocking?

You went too far from your home and parents, and you contributed your enough age of your life to acquire education, don’t you?

And you worked hard, study hard with the motive to do something and get something after graduation.

In the day, when you throw(fly) you graduation cap on the air, your teacher, other staff and your friends congratulate you in the college and the home your parents and relatives.

After you got appreciation, congratulations, blessing whatever you start to search for the thing that matter most(job).

However, unfortunately, you are still jobless and unemployed due to various reasons.

After the months, your friend, relative, who congratulated you in the graduation day and blessed you for a happy life, asked you a question.

The question is nothing but, ‘what are you doing nowadays? ‘After you hear such an irritating question either you replied with an angry expression, ‘who are you to care for me?‘ or, you answered with a gloomy face, ‘after a long search, I am unable to get a suitable job for me. I wasted CV and photocopy of my academic document but still, I disappointed.’

Isn’t it a shocking reply from an intelligent graduate? Despite the hard try after graduation, you didn’t get a chance for a job, isn’t it a shocking?

If you don’t think it is shocking then,

Let’s say your average age is 70. Let’s not take it to wrong, because it only an example, you will live a long life.

Since your birth date till 4th birthday, you were a child who spent time unconsciously. And from your fourth birthday, you joint the school as a nursery kid.

And including vacations, it took almost 14 years to pass your 10th class. It means that you celebrated your 18th birthday when you finished your primary and secondary education.

Now, add two more years you invested for your higher secondary education. Also, add your four years, that you took to get your bachelor degree. And almost six months you wait to get a transcript and new admission for masters.

Moreover, you donated two years to get a masters degree. Am I wrong? No, I am not, because I am also a student who can understand and feel you.

Now calculate, how many years you willingly donated to get the degree and education.

Yes, you are right you kindly spend your more than 22 years in the academic field. There are other levels after masters, but don’t count them, because it is futility and time waste.

For what? Why did you spend more than 25 per cent of your average age in the academic boundary?

To fulfil the dream and make life better? Yes, you struggled for this agenda.

Then, why you become angry or, upset if someone asks you about your job condition? After a long struggle, you are calling yourself jobless. Isn’t it a shocking thing?

Does a low job market don’t let to increase chance of getting a job after graduation?

Whenever someone asks you saying, ‘do you work somewhere?’ Then you blame the job market.

You reply to him saying, ‘there are not much job opportunities, they don’t publish vacancies with the suitable post.’

Yes, somehow low job market doesn’t let to increase the chance to get a job after graduation, but you can’t blame it.

Because most of the time, you remain unemployed because of your past mistakes and mentality.

Let’s say you’re sitting at your house, folding your hands after completing college life. Because you don’t think there is a single job opportunity in the market.

However, a person who lives to your next door is earning a good salary form online business. Another one is engaged in farming, whatever self-employment.

But here you’re saying there’re no job opportunities. If there is no single chance, then how others have an income source?

Do these things in college to increase the chance to get a job after graduation.

We make mistakes because we don’t know what will be the result. But yes, if you can find the point where error happens, then you will try to avoid. Do these things before graduation to increase the chance to get a job.

Make your pocket empty for somedays.

The first mistake you have done is ‘you have never gone out of the home with empty pocket‘.

While studying, your parents were there to support you, to feed and nourish you.

Whenever you had something to buy parents gave amount as you asked.

Mom,’ I want some money to go somewhere‘. Daddy, ‘my school is far from me, so manage money for me to buy a bike.’

And your parents fulfilled all the dream to make you happy, don’t they? Yes, they do.

From nursery to graduation, your parents never made you upset.

Also, they never asked the reason, ‘why you need money‘ or, ‘where you will spend them‘; they give it to you without asking irritating questions.

According to ability or, out of capacity, they did everything for you; they never let your pocket become empty. And it is the reason that you are jobless after graduation.

Your mentality altered toward your life and goal.

You’d everything you desired, so you never think to earn by yourself and never prepared for the job.

Also, even you never knew how to apply for the job and procedure to get it. Furthermore, you didn’t try to understand and use your capacity to get an earning source.

Therefore, after graduation, you regret because you are jobless. Now you can’t ask any money from your parents, because it’s your turn to treat them like they do while you were studying.

Because of your full pocket, you didn’t increase your mindset for the job before graduation, so the chance declined.

You noticed that now it’s your turn to earn, so you’ll prepare with pressure which will not work.

  • Think about defending yourself from the beginning, it helps to upgrade your strength.
  • Don’t ask any money and make your pocket empty for one month and see what changes you will feel in yourself.
  • You must understand, getting a job is not easy, there is high competition, and you can’t prepare yourself in a month, so gradually prepare yourself from the starting.
  • Do one thing, give some money to your parents by earning yourself and see the happiness on their face and get precious motivation.
  • While you are studying, try for a job, it doesn’t matter it’s high or, below; high salary or low, only to see how much competition is there. You will understand everything.

Wish for big things

What kind of person you’re, who has a much desire or, who think within the boundary?

Sometimes, after graduation, some student misses the job chance because they don’t increase their wish.

There is saying, ‘if you wish for a big thing, you will get at least little, but if you wished in the limit, then it can’t be said.’

Meaning, your desire to accumulate a large number of assets in your life, raise craving to get the job.

Let’s assume you make a dream to get a bike within a year. And there is no such donor who’ll give you first-hand bike.

Therefore, you’ll try to seek a job that can give you a salary to get a new bike.

Again if you wished to buy a new car, then definitely you’ll not sleep at night, because it’s your dream that will not let you sleep peacefully.

Therefore, you’ll search for various option to make money. And at last, this saying will come true, ‘ who tries, never fails.’

Now tell me, if you’d never dreamed about a bike or, car, would you think to get the job?

And I mentioned the dream of car and bike is only an example because we’ve many more other wants, for which we want income source.

As a result, if your desire is big while joining the university, then surely you’ll get the job on time, because of your craving to fulfil your dream.

You will seek the sources to full your ambition. Even though you’ll fail many times, one day, you’ll be successful for your appetite.

So, your little goal doesn’t let to increase the chance to get a job after your graduation.

If you have a limited wish, you’ll imagine and try in the limit. Otherwise, you’ll think out of boundary.

  • You must have a big dream in your life; a small goal doesn’t work.
  • Big wish is not enough if you don’t try to fulfil it, so don’t miss any opportunities.
  • Your goal must be relevant because fish cannot survive in the land.
  • Be careful, only make a goal, if you are ready for the struggle and hard work. Otherwise, it is the only way to make a depressed life.
  • Once you make a dream don’t change it, whatever circumstance is.

Don’t compare the work

You’re still jobless not because lack of job opportunities, but you discriminate the works.

Let’s say you completed an MBA degree program with the best GPA; you start to search for the job.

Fourtanetly, a bank opened a vacancy for the junior assistant.

But you didn’t apply for the job, because you’re an MBA, who is proud of his degree. You thought, ‘I’ll be the higher-level manager after my graduation‘ before joining the masters.

But look, the companies don’t ask for the manager, they asked for lower-level staff that doesn’t satisfy you.

Therefore, you didn’t look again to those vacancies, because you’re born to be the CEO. Right? Did you think so?

It means that you tried to match your degree and knowledge with the profession; this is why you remained jobless after college.

For example,

Four years ago, a senior friend who completed his masters level with an MBA did an unpaid internship in the bank.

There he showed his abilities and excitement that how much interested he was for the work.

Because of that energy, the bank decided to make him a permanent employee as a junior level staff, and he accepted the proposal with happiness.

He could reject that bank’s decision to make him lower-level staff because he is an MBA, who invested a much amount of money, to get the degree. But no, he accepted the job without thinking it’s high or low.

A few months ago, he got a promotion; Nowadays, he works as a branch manager, because of his hard work and experience.

If he’d made a comparison between his degree and job, then would be jobless till now.

Meaning, the reason for not getting a job is that you don’t try small opportunities, because of your self-respect and thought to start from high.

  • Dream big doesn’t mean you have to start from a high level.
  • You need to understand if you want to fly in the sky. your journey begins to form the ground.
  • If you start from low, you will get many experiences, and if you directly go to up, you will get pressure and depression due to lack of experience to handle the situation.
  • Don’t feel hesitation for small works, because no job is high or low. Everything is full of knowledge and information.
  • Do part-time jobs while studying even though you are a prosperous person, because money may not matter, but experience matters everywhere.

Don’t think wrong

You are a student who focuses on his study from starting to end. You always, performed smartly in the school and university days.

If you see your scorecard (mark sheet), then the marks directly reflect that you were a hardworking person.

But, you thought that ‘ I have an excellent GPA, so who won’t give me my dream job.’

Therefore, while you were in college, you didn’t give a single job exam to get the only experience.

Yes, your score is the factor which explains you were hard worker, but not everyone will trust you; because you can get marks by copying from others.

Also, the companies do not seek a person with good marks, but a person who is practical and knowledgeable.

Yes, if you applied for the job, you would be shortlisted, because of your good marks. But, what after that? When you’ve to act actively like a player.

Your good marks are your resources. It can raise a 25 per cent chance that you will get the job. But for the rest 75 per cent, you need to have other practical qualities.

So, if you only think that your academic marks will help you to get your dream job, then you are wrong.

Therefore, the reason you’re jobless is that you trusted on exam marks and you don’t try to get some other experience from the beginning.

Somewhere you have heard, ‘if you’re good at something, then don’t do it for free.’ But it is a wrong concept.

Instead, if you are good at something to do it either you are paid or not.

It’ll increase your capabilities, and immediately after graduation, you get job chance. I have seen many graduates with good marks struggling to find a job because of my low experience and practical knowledge.

  • Your marks are only your goodwill, and if you can’t give a good performance, then it doesn’t work.
  • If your mark sheet is full of marks, then try to upgrade your practical knowledge, one can stop you from getting what you want.
  • Don’t think that the company will take you to the office from your home if you are topper. But, you must show effort yourself, because you want the money.
  • Your marks only work till shortlisting, which is the first process; for the further recruitment process, company judge your experience and capabilities. Therefore, don’t miss to get them while you are studying.
  • Give trust to job giver that your mark sheet is not fake.

Don’t rely on one goal

People say that the person has to make a single goal in their life to be successful. But I don’t believe this saying, because the future is uncertain.

However, I believe that the person should be determined and must have a goal with an alternative.

You can say the ambition for which you are working is your primary goal and the plan that you have kept in your mind to implement if your primary goal doesn’t work is an alternative goal.

Let’s say your goal is to go to a foreign country for further education and job. Therefore you focused on the languages, you worked hard, spend all the time for that goal.

For the single hour, you didn’t read GK or IQ(other preparation).
But unfortunately, due to the family problem(financial or, physical), your parents don’t let you go abroad.

They suggest you work and study in your own country.

Now, what you will do? You had the only goal, which has shattered now. Do you have any other plan? If you have something in your mind, then it’s not a point to be upset.

Otherwise, your mind will get puzzled, what to do and how to do. Because you never expected the time, when your dream gets fragment into pieces.

You always thought that ‘no one can stop me going to abroad’ but look future is unexpected.

Have you ever noticed the person who is the singer know how to dance? Why did he choose two-goal? Because he is wise, he knows coming days are unsure.

If by the way, if he becomes unable to dance, he could maintain his earning by making songs.

Therefore, relying on a single purpose without an alternative plan can make you jobless.

  • Always make an alternative goal because you have not seen the future.
  • Invest your 75 per cent time for your primary goal and 25 per cent in the alternative ambition. If you have enough time, then don’t discriminate, focus on both equally.
  • Don’t jump in the river even though you are a good swimmer.
  • Your alternative goal and primary goal must be complementary to each other. Don’t think if I will not be an engineer then I will be a mountaineer.
  • Your optional goal is like a reserve fund.

Don’t love comfort zone.

If you think you can get your dream job within your geographical area, then you are thinking wrong.

Yes, luckily sometimes, you can get, if there are many job opportunities, otherwise you need to leave your comfort zone to fulfil your wish.

If you want to increase job chance before or, after graduation, then don’t afraid to go out of the home.

Let me illustrate an example of a person.

I know a person who got a job immediately after his graduation. While he was studying, he never missed applying for a single vacancy.

And, in many banks, he shortlisted. Therefore, for further examination, he had to go to another district, because in his place there are no such opportunities.

So, he travelled much time out of the house to get the job. I could saw him at home occasionally because most of the time he prefers to live outside.

I used to get shocked for his activities, too many travels; sometimes in one district another time in next.

And finally three months before graduating, he got appointed in the bank branch located near to the capital city.

And one lesson I got from him that, if the person wants, then he can achieve it, but not by sitting at home. The one who prefers to stay at home is the weakest and low confident person.

The meaning of this example is that you will not get much more opportunities in your comfort places. Therefore, it is the reason you are jobless.

  • Try to collect information from the market by yourself.
  • You cannot upgrade yourself at your home, because it is only a beautiful world inside the boundary. The real world is outside of it.
  • Make a habit of staying out of your location to be self-dependent. Give your yourself training, so that can live alone.
  • Understand that, luxury place means your parents are supporting you till now, going out means you will help them.
  • Going outside makes you physically and mentally intense so that you could handle any circumstances and any difficult peoples easily.

Build your interpersonal skill

Don’t isolate yourself during graduation, if you want to increase the chance to get a dream job.

Most of the time, I’ve seen the person who is the introvert struggle most to search for the job.

You are living in a society which means you need to make a connection and network with others.

The more you connect with others, the more information and support you’ll get.
If you’re such a person who doesn’t prefer to speak with others or, doesn’t want to make many friends, then you’ll face difficulty in your life.

Here is another example

A knew a person personally who completed his bachelor level when I was in the third semester.

After completing undergraduate, he joined the masters level and got the job in the few months after his graduation, because of his interpersonal skill.

The reason is that he always behaved good with everyone and never became stingy to spend for friends.

Therefore, he was best among all. During the study, he worked part-time in NGO and made a good relationship with all member there. But after seven months he left that job.

And after graduation, while he was searching for the relevant job, he received a call from his old friend with whom he worked in NGO.
He noticed him about the vacancy recently published by the bank in another location.

My friend was unaware of the vacancies because he lives in the ruler area. But his friend gave him all the information about the vacancy.
Fortunately, he’d work experience in the NGO and good communication skill.

Therefore, two months after graduation, he got selected for the job.

Meaning of that, your talent is not enough if you’re introvert or, egoist person. And if you’ve earned good friends, then they’ll care for you anytime, anywhere.

  • Make a good relationship with everyone, and expand your social network in your academic life.
  • Your talent is nothing if your interpersonal skill is weak.
  • Try to built-up your confidence level in your school or university. Try to be extrovert who loves the crowd.
  • Make more friends, but they must be good, to get direct and indirect support for a lifetime.
  • Your communication is the first thing that others notice first.

Identify your resource.

 Don’t think the job is only the source of income; because there’re many other things to do before or, after graduation to make money if you’ve resources.

However, the reason you’re still jobless after college is that you’re unable to identify the resources you’ve.

Let’s say after you complete your education, you spend a lot to time to search for a job, but you didn’t try to utilize your resources.

Let’s clear this point.

A person in my locality graduated with a degree of MA in English. After his graduation, he searched for the job in many places, and at last, he got a teaching job in a school with a medium salary.

Later, I don’t know why, he left the job; maybe he has frustrated from his profession or, he was not satisfied with the salary.

After leaving the job, he remained jobless for some month. But the good news was that he’d a little more land. So, he started banana farming.

This business idea didn’t make him upset, because he earned a good income by self-employment. He sells his banana for direct consumption. And supply banana in the wine factory as a raw material with a suitable price.

One day I asked him, ‘Why in spite you did MA in English, you become a farmer?’

He replied, ‘I’m earning more income than I earned from the teaching profession. Yes, I’m an educated farmer who knows how to utilize his resource and can speak in English.

Don’t be confuse, the land is not the only resource, but your skill, talent, determination, hobbies are resources too.

You didn’t get a job after completing the study, because you invested your one year, to search for a job, but you didn’t give a little time to identify the resources within you.

  • Working for others is far better than working for yourself, no stress, responsibilities with pressure.
  • You are studying to identify and boost your strength not to work for others. Business is a better option than a job.
  • First search what’s inside you, if you don’t find anything then go outside.
  • Your first goal must be working for yourself.
  • You can’t make more than five-digit from a job, but if you know and utilize your resources for yourself, you will not have time to count digits.

Don’t wasted your time.

After school life, you went to university and selected a particular subject with a dream, ‘one day I will be working in a reputable position.

However, I already told you thinking a goal is not easy, because you have to sacrifice many things to get it. Otherwise, your ambition dies in your heart and mind.

Let’s say, instead of focusing on the study, you bunk the classes.

In your school or college day, you believed in enjoyment, so you spend your time on travelling here and there, drinking and smoking with your friends.

In the whole day, you watched TV, played video games whatever.

Learning extra knowledge and experience is far of thinking, not even you separated your leisure time to do your homework and assignments, read IQ and GK.

In your university days, neither you focus on your study nor in the other increase yourself in productive things; then who would give you the chance to do the job after graduation?

If you didn’t prepare yourself for more than 20 years, how could you make yourself ready for competition in a month? Impossible, you are not a robot but human.

For example, let’s say

You had a computer in your home with an internet connection. And after you return from your college or, school, you open your computer.

But instead of searching for good things for learning, you downloaded varieties of nonsense video and video games. And, wasted your time watching and playing them.

Don’t you see nowadays people are earning a satisfying amount from the internet? Because they utilized their time to learn ideas. But what did you do? You wasted your time on unnecessary activities.

If you had also get something like that, you wouldn’t be jobless now. Job is not only working under other’s instruction.

Therefore, the reason of being jobless is you wasted your precious time when you had to utilize it.

  • Entertainment is good, but enough create side effect.
  • Don’t call a regretable time by wasting your precious time, learn something from today.
  • Realize before, realizing too late.
  • If you enjoy two hours, learn for four hours.
  • I know you have internet so learn about digital marketing, work for yourself.

What is needed to get a dream job after completing education?

A relevant goal
You can’t become a pilot if you have a degree of Art. So make a relevant goal.

Suitable subject
If you are an introvert person, then don’t make a dream to become a politician. I hope you understood.

Determination and patience
You will not get the things immediately, after thinking to achieve it. So, you must have ‘never give up!’ philosophy. And you must have patience like a hungry crocodile.

Hard work
Determination is not only enough if you are a lazy person.

Skills and experience
If you have these two things, skills and experience, then you will get confidence to sit in the chair behind your interviewer.

The house without a strong foundation can fall easily. Likewise, a person without network and back support, can’t long last in any position.


Not always the low job market reduces the chance to get job after graduation.

Your jobless condition can be your mistakes and mentality.

Some mistakes affect you immediately, whereas others show the negative results in the long term.

There is saying, mistakes make the person intense and wise. Yes, it is true, but what you will do becoming strong in the irrelevant time.

But if you are such a person who takes lesson form others mistake, then you will not meet with regrettable days.

And, The job only doesn’t mean you have to wear a tie on neck, sit in a comfortable chair and get monthly salary by working for others.

However, having a job means you have a source of income. It implies how you are making a return(profit) by utilizing your more than 20 years of the school experience.

There are many job opportunities if you can’t find one then create one, because you have more than 20 years experience.

I hope you have understood what you should do in college life, to increase chance of job after graduation; and what were your mistake.

Best of luck!

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