How to make a long-lasting friendship

long-lasting friendship

We share those issue with friends which we cannot share with our parents. Therefore, without companions, our life becomes incomplete, and they are part of our life. Friends are our family member not by blood but by our mental connection. Also, they are the person with whom we share everything, our sorrow or, happiness, and they are the character of our best memories of life. It is good to make many friends in life but, the only lucky person gets a friend who stays with him for a long time. However, only a few people can build up a long-lasting friendship with someone and enjoy a stable friendship life.

We meet with different kind of people in our lives, even though we can’t make a single person as a stable friend. As time passes our friendship circle changes. Who used to be our friend become stranger later because of some reason. It is good to make someone a special friend to share our pain and gain without any fear.

Choose the best
Suppose, if your friend love to drink and smoke, but you are a decent person, and you don’t like to drink or smoke or, you don’t have such a habit. In this case, you can’t become good friends because his interest doesn’t match with his behaviour. Therefore, you can’t make a long-lasting friendship with such a person or, you must have to adopt his habit.

To make long-lasting friendship choose a person with whom 50 per cent of your behaviour match. If you are a funny person, then you can’t become a good friend with a serious person. Similarly, if you maintain your personality simple but, your friend is stylish. Then it is hard to keep that person as a friend for a long time. Therefore, we can only build up a long-lasting friendship with that person who is same as you.

Respect is everything if you want to save either friendship or other relationship. It doesn’t matter how much you insult or troll your friend when no one is around. But always respect him in front of others. Your friend may get with you if you don’t treat him how he is. If he is a sensitive person, then think twice before joking with him. To build up strong and long-lasting friendship respect him in front of others. Always praise him and talk about his good behaviour. Tell others than how good he is not how worse he is.

Don’t leak secrets
The person only tells his sensitive and secret thing to his trusted person. Therefore, if your friend shares his secret with you, then don’t break his trust by spreading that information to others, instead, try to solve his problems.
If you want to maintain a long-lasting friendship with the person, then how much angry you are with him, don’t share his secret with anybody else. Therefore, be unique and make long-lasting friendship by respecting the privacy of others.

Support and help
A: Hello! Where are you?
B: I am at home.
A: I am going to market can I borrow your motorbike?
B: Sorry! I am busy.

This is mannerless. It’s not a way to talk with them. If you are really busy give him reason what you were doing or, convince him to go the next day together.
To make long-lasting friendship give help and support to your friend and don’t expect anything in return.

Inform what you know
A: Hey! A company has published vacancy. Did you apply for it?
B: No, I didn’t. Thank you for the information.
A: Ok, we will apply tomorrow together.
Tell them what you know, and do it together. If you have any vital information, you must share with your friend. It proves that you care for him. But most of the people are filled with selfishness they don’t want to share useful thing with friends. Therefore, these kinds of people have cannot make a stable and long-lasting friendship circle. significant

Give priority
X: Are you invited to the party?
Y: Yes, but will not attend the party.
X: Why?
Y: I have to go to the hospital tomorrow to check up my father. He is sick.
X: I won’t go to a party without you, I will be there to visit your father.
That’s the sprite. To make the long-lasting friendship give priority to your friend however, most of them don’t care about what’s happening to their personal life. Try to understand them.

Celebrate and enjoy
The most memorable moment are those when we celebrate and enjoy with our friends and talk about good and bad things the whole night. Therefore, to make a long-lasting friendship, don’t forget to call him to your home and introduce him to your parents. Call your friend to your home and welcome him. You can make long-lasting friendship to the person whom you call to your on special occasion.

True friend is blessing but not all are blessed

How to make a long-lasting friendship

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