How to play Minecraft Skyblock in Java?

How to play Minecraft Skyblock in Java?

If you play Minecraft and follow different youtube channels and media, you probably have heard about the term skyblock.

You may have seen your favorite YouTuber play them, and you might have wanted to play it yourself but do not know how to?- This is the right place for your answer.

What is a Minecraft Skyblock?

Minecraft skyblock is a game mode created by the user Noobcrew for the first time. Minecraft Skyblock is a game mode of Minecraft where you spawn on a small island in the sky, and you get a chest and a tree, and you need to survive based on these at first.

There will be other islands nearby which you can travel by building bridges. However, if you fall, the game is over- you will lose your all items. It is full of fun to explore skyblock Minecraft mode (Java).

Guide to play Minecraft Skyblock game mode

Since the first skyblock map was created, many players have made maps of their own. So there are many maps on the internet that run on a skyblock basis.

To enjoy skyblock Minecraft mode, firstly, you will need to download the game file, and to do this, first go to the website Then, in the search bar, type skyblock.

Click on the first option, or choose the second one because the download and install process is the same for all files.
After clicking the first option, you will see a variety of maps. Select any one of them.

Go to the bottom to find the download button. Click on it. Then click the download button and wait for it.

Open the file and extract the file in any folder for now. I will extract it on my D drive for now.

Now copy the folder that you just extracted to the specific location.

Click Ctrl+R on your computer to open run. Then type %appdata% and enter. It will take you to the roaming part of the computer, where you will find a folder called Minecraft.

Click on the Minecraft folder and open a folder named saves. Then paste the folder you copied there. It is the folder where all your saved worlds are present.

Now you are done. You need to open Minecraft and open the single-player mode- You will find the skyblock map there, Click on it, and you can start to play.

How to Play Minecraft Skyblock in Java
Minecraft Skyblock in Java