Lucinda (Doka) | Farlight 84 | Her Skills, Levels, Skins

Lucinda (Doka) | Farlight 84 | Her Skills, Levels, Skins

Lucinda is a female attack hero who is the best carry for the squad in Farlight 84. Lucinda’s occult, Crystals, horoscopes, and tarot cards are her beliefs and part of her survival skills. She is a god of the post-apocalyptic world, with a large number of believers. You can upgrade her to level 10 like other heroes in the game, and each makes her a better hero. 

Lucinda’s Skills & Abilities

Absolute Gravity
(Skilltype: Control)
– She throws out a card device that forms a Mini Black Hole, dragging in all enemies within range to the center of the black hole while slowing down the vehicle.
– So, the best teammate of Doka can be Ember as he can again blind those trapped opponents using his defensive ability.

Portable Incendiary Bomb
(Skilltype: Damage)
– She throws a portable incendiary bomb that deals continuous damage to enemies within the flames
– If the opponent is safe from the bullet of your ally, they can’t survive with this skill of Doka

Shotgun Assault
– When she uses a Shotgun, magazine capacity and reload speed are both increased.
– If you can upgrade her to level 7, this skill can give you the optimum result in the battlefield.


2Increases her damage by 8%
3Enhance her base movement speed
4Increases her damage by 8%
5Portable Incendiary Bomb’s attack range and damage are increased
6Increases her damage by 8%
7Further enhance her base movement speed
8Increases her damage by 8%
9Tactical Skill CD is reduced
10Increases her damage by 8%


In Farlight 84, Lucinda (Doka) has a total of 3 skins and here they are:

All SkinsHow to Obtain
lucinda skin farlight 84
Destiny Tarot
Obtained with 399 diamonds or 30K Gold

Blood Moon
You can obtain it from events
Lucinda skin
All Seeing Vision
From Event