M13 Best attachments in Cod Mobile: Gunsmith Guide

M13 Best attachments in Cod Mobile: Gunsmith Guide

M13 is one of the lightweight assault rifles in Cod Mobile, and if you pick this weapon with its suitable attachments, you can get high kills in the battle royale in MP modes.

Players often use the M13 for long-range battles, but if you practice regularly and master it, this gun can also give outstanding performance in short-range fights.

Overall, the damage of M13 is satisfactory, but its fire rate speed makes up everything. Moreover, the best accuracy, range, mobility, and recoil control ability make M13 a perfect gun for Call of duty mobile. Apart from this, if you take M13 in the battleground with its best loadout, the win is yours.

Best Attachments of M13 in Cod Mobile

Best Stock: No stock

As already mentioned, the M13 is a smooth and lightweight AR in CODM, and if you want to make it more controllable, then pick No Stock attachment. The No Stock will reduce the ADS time while increasing the movement speed and ADS movement speed.

Best Barrel: RTC Mini Barrel

The RTC mini Barrel attachment gives the M13 more damage range, so you can take its benefit in long-range fights while controlling recoil. Moreover, it reduces the ADS bullet spread, so you can headshot your enemy accurately with M13.

Best Laser: OWC Laser- Tactical

You might think MIP laser 5mW is better for M13 in COD mobile, but Tactical is one of the best laser attachments for this weapon. With this loadout, you can reduce the ADS time and bullet spread of M13 to get the best output in the battle royale.

Best Perk: Long shot

M13 is a long-range gun, and the Long shot perk will strengthen its ability. If you have made your M13 level 54, pick this perk and get the maximum performance.

Best Ammunition: 300 RTC Double Stack 40 Round

You might think taking extended mag A or B to get the maximum ammo capacity, but these attachments can hamper your speed and movement. Although the RTC 40 rounded has a +10magazine, it can level up the damage range and reload time of M14. Moreover, this attachment on M13 makes your AR less noisy.

In conclusion, the explained attachments will perform best for the M13 AR weapon in Call of duty mobile, and I do not suggest you keep the other loadouts in the default form.