March 7th Build Guide Honkai Star Rail | F2P Options

March 7th Build Guide Honkai Star Rail | F2P Options
Glacial Cascade

March 7th is a 4-star Rarity Character, and you will get her at the start of the game for free. She is an Ice Element Character in the game. She is a Preservation Path Character and one of the best support characters. This article will guide you with the Honkai Star Rail March 7th Build, her Light Cones, Teams, Relics and Ascension Materials. In addition, you will also find alternative things to build her as F2P.

Talking about her Basic talents:- March Skill gives a shield to one of your characters, depending on the DEF on her. When she provides a shield to the character, she can remove one Debuff with it. Her Ultimate deals AoE Ice DMG to the enemies and has a 50% chance to freeze enemies, which can be used to slow down the enemies so you can use your Attacks more. When the March Technique is used on the enemy, she freezes a random Enemy. The frozen enemy takes more DMG with March ATK.

March 7th Best Light Cones

Here are the best light cones of March 7th in Honkai Star Rail to build her for most situations:

Moment of Victory light cone of march 7th Honkai Star Rail
Moment of Victory
Moment of Victory is the suitable 5-star Light Cone of March 7th in Star Rail. It provides 24% DEF as her Shield Scales off DEF%. This Lightcone also increases the Effect Hit Rate by 24%. In addition, you will get extra DEF% when the Character gets Hit.
This is Me! Honkai Star Rail: March 7th light cone
This is Me!
It is also a good Light cone for her. It grants her DEF by 16%, increasing the DMG of her Ultimate. You can use it to enhance her Shield HP and her DMG. 
March 7th Light Cones F2P
The trend of the Universal Market honkai star rail
The trend of the Universal Market
The trend of the Universal Market is a viable F2P option to build March 7th in Star Rail, as this 4-star Light cone increases her DEF by 16%. When March takes DMG from the enemy, it applies Burn Effect to the enemy, which will deal DMG to the enemy DoT and the DMG dealt by this Burn Effect scales off her DEF%.
Amber light cone honkai star rail
Amber is a 3-star Light cone with low stats, but it is the best F2P Light cone for March if you do not have any other. It increases the DEF by 16%. When March Hp gets below 50% her DEF is further increased.

March 7th Teams

  • Clara+March 7th+Seele+Bailu

Clara and March 7th have the best Synergy in this team comp. Clara is a character who performs a follow-up attack, as each time she takes Hit from the enemy. March will give Shield to Clara. When Clara takes a hit, she will not take DMG but will deal with DMG. Clara can deal with good DMG if you build her properly. Seele will be the main DPS as she is from The Hunt Path. She will deal DMG to Elite enemies as she is a Single Target DPS character. Bailu will be a healer in this March’s Team, and her ability to revive a dead character in one battle can be also good. 

  • Himeko+Asta+March+Natasha

In this team composition of Himeko, she will be AoE DPS as she is from The Erudition Path. She will deal DMG with her Skill and Ultimate, which has a high scale to it. Asta will be the Support Character as she is from The Harmony Path. She can be a good support as she provides ATK% to all members. Depending on the enemies she hits with her skill, she gives more ATK% to the entire party.

March 7th will be the Shield Character as she is from The Preservation Path. She gives a shield to a character which can be helpful to preserve a character’s HP against enemies who deal with huge Single target DMG. Natasha is a healer in this team, as she is from The Abundance Path. She can heal your one character with her Skill, and with her Ultimate, she can heal all the Party members, so she is one of the characters to have with March 7th in this Honkai Star Rail team.

March 7th Team comp F2P

  1. Serval+March+Dan Heng+Fire Character
March 7th honkai star rail

Serval will be the Sub-DPS in this F2P team of March 7th as she is from The Erudition Path. She deals AoE DMG to the Enemies with Electro Attacks, which can be good to break the Toughness Bar of multiple enemies with a single attack. March is going to be the Support character, as she will provide Shield to one of the characters. She can also help to remove Debuff from the character. 

Dan Heng is the Single Target DPS, as he is from The Hunt Path. He can be used for Elite enemies who have higher HP. He can also be used to break the Toughness bar of the enemies who are weak against Wind Element. The Fire Main Character is going to be used in this team, as they can have a good DMG output, and they can also give Shield to allies. The shield may not be that great, but it can still be useful to absorb the DMG given by the enemy. 

March 7th Relics

Here the table shows the best relic sets to build March 7th in Honkai Star Rail:

King of Purity Palace relic of March 7th
King of Purity Palace
King of Purity Palace is the ideal Relic set of March 7th, as this set increases the DEF by 15%. At a 4-piece set, it increases the Shield HP by 20%. It can create a strong Shield for her, which can be good for her and the entire Team. Overall, this Relic is one of the best sets for her as a support build in star rail.
Fleet of the Ageless Honkai star rail
Fleet of the Ageless
Fleet of the Ageless is another good relic to build March 7 a better support as this set increases her Max Hp by 12%. It increases the ATK% of all the allies by 8%, which enhance the DMG of all the party members. This effect only works when she has an SPD 120 or above.
Belobog of the Architects Honkai Star rail: March 7th relic set
Belobog of the Architects
This relic at a 2-piece bonus the character DEF by 15%. This gives an extra 15% DEF when March has a 50% Effect Hit. This relic can be used on her as a supporting character as the Effect Hit will help her to break the enemy Toughness bar, and the DEF% will make her Shield Stronger.

March 7th Materials & How to Get Them

To ascend March 7th to max level 80 in Honkai Star Rail, you will need these materials:

  • Thief’s Instinct x12
  • Usurper’s Scheme x13
  • Conqueror’s Will x12
  • Horn of Snow x50

You can obtain the Thief’s Instinct from the Simulated World and Assignment. The Thief’s Instinct can be obtained by defeating Voidranger: Reavers Enemies. Depending on the level of your equilibrium, you can get Usurper’s Scheme and Conqueror’s Will by defeating those enemies mention above. You can use Synthesize to convert the lower-level Material to change into higher-level material. You can obtain the Horn of Snow from Stagnant Shadow, or you can get it from Synthesize by exchanging it with other ascend Material.