Negative Thought: Reason of Failure

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Most of the people blame their luck for the failure. However, I tried to understand the reason behind it. I find out, our negative thought is the main reason. I understood this from my small memory of my life. When I was in the second semester, the teacher informed me that “tomorrow will be a class presentation”.

When I heard this, then my body starts to shake. It was the challenging task of my life because I had never spoken in front of the class or a big group. After that, I started to think about the next day’s situation. When I will be standing in front of the whole class. Also, I thought that what will be my friends and teacher’s reaction, they will laugh at me and criticize me for many days, if I made any mistake. Therefore, this kind of thought starts to make me nervous.

And I made a decision not to attend the class the next day. So, I stayed at home. As a result of my thought, I missed the first opportunity of my life.I didn’t think for once that, attending the presentation will improve my communication skill. It is a chance to express me in front of my friends and teacher. I could develop a new habit to speak in front of the public. However, only I focused on the negative outcome of that situation, which was only imaginary.

I failed on that day when I refused to go to college because of that challenging work. It is also a failure whenever we don’t do any work because of the challenges.

Later, I realized that my negative thought doesn’t let me do positive work. After that day, I vow to myself, I will try to focus on the positive side and ignore the negative side before doing anything. Therefore, I never missed any presentation again. It is only a part of memory with a lesson.

Blaming our luck for any failure is total absurdity. Our success depends on how we think, being positive or being negative. There are two types of people. First one is, who love to travel with hope and excitement. Similarly, another one is, who dislike travels due to fear of accident. And, the fear is the evil that pulls us back from any work we are planning for.

To get the degree of MBBS, it requires a large amount of investment. However, still, students want to make the investment because they’re positive, about their future. If they focus on the evil side of their choice like; what if I will be jobless after that degree; what if I fall sick during the course and have to leave study in a middle way. Or, what if the university gets closed. But no, they don’t think all these things. They only dream that they will be a doctor who will save peoples.

Have you ever think about how difficult is it to do surgery? But the doctor does it very nicely. Some people will say that they do it because they are skilled in it; they have practised a lot. But I don’t think so. They do surgery with a positive attitude. They don’t let any negativity to enter in their mind while treating the patient. If they will think if they fail and patient die then, surely the operation would be unsuccessful.

Most of the people fail in their life because of their negative thought or, they are not interested in that work. One of my friends gives up his plan to go to a foreign country to study. Because he started to think about the challenge he has to face there. Therefore, his thought starts to make him doubt on his own abilities and talent. Intelligence does not work in the absence of positivity.

The deer will die of hunger if he doesn’t come on the open ground due to fear of the lion. Most people want to do the job in comparison to business. We all know, the job is full of responsibility, you have to follow the order of your boss regularly. But also, most of the people prefer to do a job, not because lack of capital to invest neither lack of creative mind. But, because they are afraid of loss.

They fear losing money on the business. They want pure income at the end of the month. Most of the business plan die inside our mind because of negative thought and fear of loss. But, nowhere written business eat our money. Those people are successful in the trade who have started it with a positive mind and plan during a crisis.

Success is not a magic that will come like November rain. It depends on us, through which angle we are judging the situation. No one is free from negative thoughts. But some people have learned how to control them and change them into positive.

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Don’t blame your luck for the failure. Because fate is like our shadow that may disappear in the darkness. But our good through can become the most powerful weapon within us to defeat darkness. A negative thought can make a person king to a beggar.

Our negative dream can lead us to the suicide point. Therefore, remove this waste from the mind. Try to become a positive person, who can think good thing during the worse situation.

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Negative Thought: Reason of Failure

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