Oh My Dog Best Teams Building & Lineup Guide

Oh My Dog Best Teams Building & Lineup Guide

The proper combination of dog hero(doggy) and lining up well is crucial to win the match. So, this article will guide you to build the best teams in Oh My Dog.

Oh My Dog is a mobile role-playing game developed by Joy Nice Games and released in October 2023. A group of brave dog leaders join forces to fight against enemies. You play as one of these leaders and guide your faction to victory. The game features about 50 doggy heroes that players can collect and assemble into team comps to fight against enemies. The game has a simple yet strategic gameplay, with players selecting skills strategically for combat. 

In Oh My Dog, there are 6 different roles of dog that you can use in your lineup. They are:

  1. Warrior
  2. Tank
  3. Assassin
  4. Mage
  5. Sup
  6. Ranger

In Oh My Dog, a team is a group of five dog heroes you can use in battle. You can build your team from the dogs that you have collected. We know that each dog has its own unique abilities, so you can make a crew that matches your game style. 

For example, if you like to play aggressively, you might build a team with more damage dealers; however, if you prefer to play more defensively, go with more tanks and healers. You can also make a comp that is focused on a specific strategy. 

There is no best way to make a team as it all depends on your playstyle and the dogs that you have collected. 

Oh My Dog Best Teams 

Team 1 

(King Arthur+Loli Gunner+Cleopatra+Dragon Doll+K/DOG Idol)

King Arthur is a Powerful warrior that can take a lot of damage. He also has a skill that can buff the team’s attack and defense. Cleopatra is a support dog that can heal the members and buff their attack. It. also has a skill that can debuff the enemy, reducing their attack and defense. For a better lineup, you should keep these two dogs at the front line. 

Loli Gunner is a high-damage ranger that can deal a lot of damage to single enemies. She also has a skill that can stun the enemy. Dragon Doll is a versatile dog that can deal damage, heal the team, and buff their defense. She is a great all-around dog that can fit into any composition. 

K/DOG Idol is a support/mage dog that can heal the team and buff their attack and speed. She also has a skill that can stun and burn the enemy, reducing their movement. Keep these 3 dogs in the back line as they have high damage and low HP, so they should be protected. Overall, it is a good team for beginner players of Oh My Dog because it is easy to play and has a good mix of damage, defense, and support. 

Team 2

Napoleon+Ceasar+Dragon Doll+Wizard Dog+Triple kill

It might be another Powerful team in the game. Napoleon and Ceasar can take care of the frontline as they have high hitpoints and defense. And on the backline, there is one mage, one assassin and one ranger for maximum damage. This team lacks support, but the mage, wizard Dog covers the need for mage in the game.

Team 3 

Ceasar+Superdog+Napoleon+Mr. Shield+Athena

This team is Especially best for those who love to play defensive games. As this team has 2 tanks and 2 warriors, the overall Points are very high, and it would be tough to take this team down. Also, there is support: Athena, which can restore the low HP allies with her skill. It makes this team even Stronger. Now, keep two tanks in the frontline and the remaining dogs in the back line. There are two powerful warriors for the damage and two powerful tanks for absorbing damage.

So, these are some of the few teams you can try to win in Oh My Dog. Try experimenting with different dog combinations and find the ideal one for you. Also, try something fun comps, like all 5 tanks or 5 warriors. 

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