Otherworld Legends Tier List | Top 5 Best Characters

Otherworld Legends Tier List | Top 5 Best Heroes

This article will make a tier list of all the heroes/characters in Otherworld Legends, which can help you understand their effectiveness and choose the best one for your battle.

Otherworld Legends is an action-packed mobile roguelike game developed by ChillyRoom. With roguelike elements such as procedurally generated levels, each playthrough promises a unique and unpredictable experience. Players have the entertaining opportunity to choose from a different cast of heroes, each equipped with their own capabilities and skills, catering to various gameplay styles. Engaging in real-time combat, heroes can switch between melee and ranged attacks, deploy special abilities, and collect a wide array of weapons and equipment to enhance their prowess.

Tier List Otherworld Legends

TiersAll Heroes/Characters List
S TierGinzo,
A TierKatherine,
B TierJadetalon,
Quan Huying,
C TierOli,

Top 5 Best Characters/Heroes in Otherworld Legends

1. Ginzo

Ginzo has low health and armor, making him vulnerable to powerful enemy attacks. It means anyone can defeat him quickly if he takes too much damage, making careful gameplay essential. So, to compensate for his low durability, Ginzo relies on quick and deadly combos to eliminate enemies swiftly. His fast attacks and combos can eliminate threats before they strike back. Ginzo boasts the highest critical rate in the game. This high crit rate increases his chances of dealing with critical hits, which can significantly boost his damage output. His skills have low cooldowns, allowing him to use them frequently in combat. This versatility in skill usage provides him with various tactical options during battles in Otherworld Legneds, so I think he can be the best character for many players. 

2. Ruthven

Ruthven is a vampire who uses blood magic to attack his enemies. Most of his stats are average, but he lacks armor. To compensate, he has a high health stats, making him durable. His gameplay revolves around the Apotheosis bar, which, when maxed out, allows him to transform into a stronger form for a limited time. While in the transformed state, his health constantly drains, and he must use health-restoring moves to offset this. Ruthven rewards incredibly aggressive play, making him a high-risk, high-reward character. He is described as the truest definition of a glass cannon, meaning he deals significant damage but is vulnerable due to his low defense.

3. Katherine

Katherine is known for her spells that excel in crowd control, which makes her the best hero at controlling groups of enemies, preventing them from attacking or moving freely in Otherworld legends. She boasts a massively high shield, the highest in the game. However, her health is low. So, while she can absorb significant damage with her shield, she must rely more on dodging enemy attacks and shield regeneration to stay alive. Her moves are effective at hitting enemies both vertically and diagonally. This versatility in attack patterns allows her to engage enemies with less fear of being hit back, as many enemies tend to attack horizontally. Unique Katherine’s default attack changes depending on which skills she has equipped. It means that players must carefully choose and customize her skill set to match their preferred playstyle and the challenges they face.

4. Uliana

Uliana’s playstyle revolves around freezing enemies and executing massive combos for high damage. She possesses average armor, health, attack speed, and critical hit rate stats, providing a balanced foundation. Uliana is a good character for her fast movement speed, allowing her to manoeuvre swiftly in combat situations.

5. Hillding

Hillding is a Viking berserker known for his relentless and aggressive combat style in Otherworld Legends. He has high health but lacks a shield. It means he doesn’t benefit from shield-related effects. Instead, his health regenerates slowly over time. His crit rate and melee movement speed are average, but his attack speed is slower than most, making attack speed items less effective.

Hillding uses a unique Wrath meter to activate his skills, which have no cooldowns. Wrath accumulates when he takes damage, lands dodge and default attacks, or enters a scene. When his HP drops below 25%, Hillding enters a Rampage state. In this state, he becomes unflinching, gains a 50% damage boost, and enjoys a 30% increase in attack speed. This state is marked by yellow after images. Hillding’s skills can be held down to launch them repeatedly in succession, allowing for relentless attacks. These points highlight Hillding’s aggressive playstyle, unique mechanics, and the importance of managing his Wrath meter and health well in battles.

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