Raven’s Honor Brawlhalla | What is it and how to get it?

Raven’s Honor Brawlhalla | What is it and how to get it?

In Brawlhalla, Raven’s Honor is a new color scheme, and it is already a new fan favourite as fans love the fresh color combination.

The black and purple color scheme is one of the newest additions to the game, along with many other rewards. These rewards are the winnings of the 100 Million Brawlers Event, a Special event for celebrating 100 million players who play the game.

What is the Brawlers 100 Million Event?

The 100 Million Event, as aforementioned, is the newest event to take place in the game. The game is celebrating 100 million players. The event is like a festival that is the celebration of reaching new heights. The event lasted for three weeks, from May 18 – June 7.

And the team at Brawlhalla headquarters made sure that the event was significant. Some of the highlights of the 100 Million Brawlers events are:

  1. A new Brawlhalla logo
  2. Additional 500 coins every day as a login bonus
  3. Daily themed Sale Rotations
  4. Free Legends for the first week of the event
  5. New Mission and Game modes
  6. Raven’s Honor Color Scheme
  7. New Skin for Inari Yumiko

How to Get Raven’s Honor in Brawlhalla?

It is easy to get the color scheme. All you have to do is win a game with the legend of your choice to win the colour scheme for that specific legend. So, for example, if I want my favourite legend, Munin, to flex the new Raven’s Honor colour scheme, all I have to do is play a game with Munin and make sure to win.

As soon as I win the game, I get the new color scheme for my favourite legend.

One thing to remember is if you want the color for all the legends in Brawlhalla, then you have to win the games with all of them. It translates to about 58 games with 58 heroes, and make sure you win every time. 

Is Raven’s Honor still available?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. With other exciting gifts, the Raven’s Honor color scheme came out again in May of 2023 for the 100 Million Brawlers Event as a one-time event. It was available for the players to win during the event.

Now that the event is over, so for now, the color scheme is impossible to obtain for new players. But, there are good chances it will come out again in the coming days because the Raven’s Honor color scheme has become hugely popular.

So, while the colour scheme may come around in the game again, for now, all we can do is wait.

How do you get Honor for all legends?

There are 58 legends in the game, and if you win 58 games with them, you will unlock a Universal Raven’s Honor Color Scheme for all the legends that will come out in the near future.

It means that- for all the legends that will be released in the game in the days to come, the Raven’s Honor scheme will be applied even if the 100 Million Brawlers Event is over.