Reverse 1999 Best Team Building and Lineup Guide

Reverse 1999 Best Team Building and Lineup Guide

This article will guide you to build the best Team compositions and to lineup heroes/characters properly in Reverse 1999 to get the victory. So, let us continue.

Reverse: 1999 is a newly released RPG developed by Bluepoch. The game takes place on the last day of 1999. Here, a mysterious Storm causes reversing in time and sends everyone back to the early 20th century. You have to play the role of a time traveller who must work to uncover the truth about the Storm and find a way to save the future. 

This game consists of RPG gameplay with a time travel mechanic. Players should carefully consider their moves to defeat enemies and progress through the game. The game also features a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and backstories. 

Team Building Tips

In Reverse: 1999, teams are the combo of Four characters that the player controls in battle. The player can choose from a variety of different characters, each with their unique abilities and strengths. In a team, you can take 3 main allies and one support ally (4th slot). This fourth slot is a substitute slot, which means you can replace the character in battle if required or the character dies. 

While choosing a team, you should be careful about their roles. The main role in the game is Damage Dealer Support Tank. So, these are some tips to consider while building good teams: 

  1. Keep the DPS character in the first character slot. 
  2. Support the character in the second character slot. 
  3. Shielder/tank in the third character slot
  4. Substitute DPS in the fourth character slot. 

The main aim of putting DPS in the first slot of your team is they are a High Damage dealer. Make sure to match their damage type with the enemy’s defenses. Also, keep an eye on the enemy’s defense and bring a damage dealer that can counter those defenses effectively. 

To make these DPS units alive, we are keeping support characters in the second slot for power-ups and heals. Lastly, we keep a Healer or a Shielder in the third slot to ensure your DPS and Support units are alive throughout the battle. 

You Can Try These Best Team Comps in Reverse: 1999



In this team, Lilya is the DPS in the first slot, as she is a Powerful character in the game. Now, pick Sonetto in the second slot as a support. Sonetto can increase the damage dealt by allies and reduce damage taken by allies by 15%, which makes her good support. Not only this, but a few more skills will help allies. 

In the third slot, we have Diggers as a shield, as this character has many debuff skills that will reduce enemy performance. Finally, we have Erick as a substitute. Erick is also the best DPS, which we can replace with Sonetto or Diggers for more damage. 

Team 2 

Centurion+Regulus+Medicine Pocket+An-an Lee 

In this team comp, we have Centurion in the first slot. Centurion is an effective DPS to deal damage to one enemy or a group at once. She’s got special moves and a super-strong attack that covers both types of damage. Plus, she builds up power fast, so you can use her skills to do a lot of damage easily. To support Centurion, we have Regulus, as she is like support and DPS, making this team more aggressive. 

We have a significant character for this team in the 3rd slot, i.e., Medicine Pocket. This character is important because it can mass heal the allies. In the substitute slot, we have An-an Lee, who can be played as a support and DPS too. We can replace her with Regulus if required. 

Team 3 

Eternity+An-an Lee+Balloon Party+Regulus 

Most of the time, Eternity is used as a substitute in a team, but it is one of the teams in Reverse 1999 in which she sits in the first slot. She can be very durable while used in the first slot. When Eternity is in a team, she depends on teammates to keep her alive until she reaches 5 stacks of her ability. She is good at staying alive but has a bit less damage than other DPS characters. So to keep Eternity alive, we have two support, An-an Lee and Balloon Party. Balloon party has a good rate of mass healing and this makes the team even more durable. In substitute, we have Regulus, who will replace An-an Lee if required. 

Team 4


Team 5 

Lilya+Baby Blue+Eagle+Eternity

In conclusion, those are the best hero combinations you can use to make your team in the Reverse 1999 game. However, as usual, I want to say that there is no team that works well in all situations and for all players. Therefore, it would be better to do more experiments on your side. 

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