Sausage Man Ranking System | All Rank Tier list

Sausage Man Ranking System | All Rank Tier list

Sausage Man is an entertaining game for you if you love guns, fights and sausages. A sausage character running around, shooting others with heavily-armed weapons sounds like a lot of fun. This article will explain the ranking system of Sausage Man and the list of all ranks with the points needed to reach there. There are 8 ranks in total, starting from the Bronze to Legendary.

All Ranks List in Order & Required Points



I hope you know about all the rank divisions in The Sausage Man, but the game has further divided them into tiers, and here is their list:

BronzeBronze I, Bronze II,Bronze III, Bronze IV Bronze V
Silver Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, Silver IV, Silver V
Gold Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Gold IV, Gold V
PlatinumPlatinum I, Platinum II, Platinum III Platinum IV, Platinum V
DiamondDiamond I, Diamond II, Diamond III, Diamond IV, Diamond V
MasterMaster I, Master II, Master III, Master IV, Master V

Further Discussion

Ranking up is not an uncomplicated objective, but with practice and persistence, you will reach the Legendary, the highest rank in the Sasauge Man. One of the biggest problems in the previous versions is finding teammates and opponents with the same level of play. For instance, most often, pro players got bot lobby, or Noob got pro players. But, the advancement in the ranking system helped to fix this issue. The ranks allow players to make more balanced games with players of the same skill range.

The sausage man ranking system depends on your performance throughout the game. You will rank up faster if you win more matches and your survival rate is high and consistent. If you lose and play irresponsibly, you will be low. Ranks are relative to your skills and gameplay.

So, make sure your gameplay remains consistent through practice. When you start playing the game, you will be in the lower ranks, such as Bronze and Silver. From there, as your game improves, you will progress.

Since there are sub-ranks within the rank divisions, it is abit harder to jump onto the upper division at once. For instance, if you are in Silver III, you cannot just rank up to Diamond at once. You must accumulate enough rank points to get to Silver IV, then Silver V and another division.

Way to reach the Legendary Rank

You will struggle to reach Pinnacle and Legendary rank in the Sausage Man. Only a handful of players are there. You must master many skills and strategies to rank higher. So, Make sure you know the map you are playing on. Familiarize yourself with different maps and parts of the map so you know where to land and safely gather loot.

Also, keep practising that aim and movements. You will get many practice maps available in the gaming community, and you can use them to become a better player and rank higher in the game.