Some Useful Locations in Undawn

Some Useful Locations in Undawn

The Undawn players have to search for the resources in a Huge area called a map, and there are many places that you will gradually discover as you progress. The game has a fast travel system, and every player has a way of getting around. In this short guide, we will go through the basics of moving around in the world of Undawn to be more familiar with the map with some Useful locations.

How to transport faster in Undawn?

  1. Use vehicles: There are a variety of vehicles available in Undawn Mobile, including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. You can use them to travel much faster than on foot. To find a vehicle, look for them parked around the map or in garages.
  2. Use the “Auto Path” feature: The “Auto Path” feature will automatically guide you to your destination. To use this feature, open the map and tap on the location you want to travel to. Then, tap on the “Auto Path” button.
  3. You can also tap on the specific location and click the go button to go to that place instantly if that location is unlocked.

How to effectively search for resources in Undawn?

  1. An apple icon on a map means that it is a fruit plant.
  2. An icon with a tree means a tree that can be chopped.
  3. If there is an icon with meat, then that is an animal.
  4. A leaf icon indicates a plant;
  5. An ingot icon means an iron ore deposit.

Some Useful locations in Undawn and How to get there

Sherry location

  1. Go to the Seinz Hills region of the map.
  2. Find the Raven’s Shelter building.
  3. Go inside the shelter.
  4. Look for the door behind Trey Jones and go inside.
  5. Go inside Underground Base.
  6. Sherry will be standing next to the piano. 
Sherry Location in Undawn

Once you find Sherry, you can talk to her to start an association with her. By increasing your relationship with Sherry, you can get Silicon Carbide Particles, a valuable resource in Undawn.

Trey jones location

Trey jones location
  1. Go to the Seinz Hills region of the map.
  2. Find the Raven’s Shelter building.
  3. Go inside the shelter.
  4. On the left, you can see trey jones standing. 

Frost queen location

Frost queen location Undawn

To find the Frost Queen and finish the related quest, you should complete a few missions first. These missions are challenging and require specific levels to attempt. First, you should take on the “Legendary Animal: Battle of the Sleepy Beasts” mission, which requires you to be at least level 32. Next, you’ll face the “Legendary Animal: Raging Bison” mission, which needs a higher level of 39 to try. Only after completing these missions, you can take on the ultimate challenge, “Legendary Animal: Frost Queen,” which is for those who have reached level 41.

  1.  Go to The Western Outpost and talk to Reckless Hunter.
  2. The game will guide you to Captain Nero, who is nearby.
  3. Follow the marker outside the outpost to find Zombie Remains. Use Recon Mode to follow the yellow mark on the ground.
  4. Follow the trail to Signs of a Crocodile Hunt. Use Recon Mode again to follow another marked route on the ground.
  5. You’ll reach Crocodile for Skinning. Interact with it and cross the nearby river to find another point of interest.
  6. Watch out for crocodiles attacking you. After dealing with them, talk to Injured Hunter nearby.
  7. Use Recon Mode again to follow the yellow path. You’ll find Annihilated Wolf Pack at the end of it.
  8. Repeat the process to find Crocodile eggs. Interact with it to trigger a cutscene, and then you’ll be attacked by Frost Queen and Defeat the Frost Queen in a battle.
  9. Return to Reckless Hunter in the camp where you first saw Crocodile for Skinning to complete the quest.

Aloe vera location

Useful resource, Aloe vera, location in Undawn

Aloe vera is a plant which you will find in several places in Undawn. You can get it in the Koller mines, Redwood Forest and the Seanz Hills regions. You can find it growing in fields and forests of those places, but Koller mines are famous for Aloe Vera.