The best use of MAG-7 in free fire game. New weapon.

Photo of MAG-7 in free fire game

Is there anything new in the latest update of the free fire game? Yes, Free fire has brought many more features and a new gun MAG-7 has been introduced.

So, let’s discuss the way you should use the new weapon. Also, here is the full description of the latest gun of the Garena free-fire game.

Everything about the new weapon MAG-7

MAG-7 is the latest shotgun of free fire which is available in the classic and clash squad.
It has a higher rate of fire. And it is a highly powerful shotgun for close-range fights.

The base damage of MAG-17 is 20. And its ammo capacity is 8. This weapon uses stock and foregrip as an additional attachment. For example, the foregrip is to control the bullet spread and increase the aimed accuracy. And stock help to improve the movement.

Further description is on the photo:

Furthermore, the MAG-7 is more quick-moving than other free-fire shotguns.

This is the best use of a free fire MAG-7 shotgun.

MAG-7 is a shotgun, and it is best to use for close-range battles. But the recoil of MAG-7 is hard to control, so you will feel difficulty while making an accurate aim. As a result, you will miss your enemy.

Then what should you do to control the recoil of the MAG-7 free-fire shotgun?

Here, to control the recoil, you shouldn’t 8 sprays continuously. Instead, you should crouch and fire with a bit of pause.

Furthermore, the gun is best for the TPP situations on the dense places of free-fire maps.
Also, MAG-7 is best to give a headshot because it throws four bullets per fire. The classic squad is done in a fixed small area, so it can be best for it.

And if you are thinking to choose the free-fire character for the MAG 7, then Caroline is the best for you. Why?
Because Caroline’s character helps you to increase your movement speed in the intense fight on free fire.

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