How to remove depression: 5 Ways

Remove depression

We know the meaning of depression and, most of us have faced it and tried to avoid it. Do you have any ideas to remove depression?

From months, Are you getting food tasteless? You don’t want to talk with anyone. Do you prefer to sit lonely? Are you forgetting your smiling face? Or, you have forgotten the feeling of happiness? Do you always think about the negative memory of your life?

If you are going through these symptoms, then you are becoming the victim of depression. And, if you do not try to divert your mind toward the light, you will disappear in the darkness.

Depression is not any virus or diseases however, it is the worse condition of our mind, created by ourselves. Depression is such a situation when our mind stops to think positively due to a different kind of problems and obstacle in life.

There are many reasons behind depression. And, these are some common reason for depression.
You failed in something.
Your partner breakup relationship.
You are suffered from any secret disease.
You have completed your study, but you are jobless.
And so on…

Now, you will think about the failure for the whole day. You will assume that you had got a single chance in your life, but you missed it. You will not let your mind to imagine about sweet movements of life. Therefore, the brain gets a habit to predict negative things about the present and future situation.

What do you think the reason behind committing suicide? The only reason behind the suicide is a depressed mind. Because, depression fills the poison in our mind, and such poisonous brain motivates us to quit life. According to the research majority of people with an age group of 20-35 are the victim of depression.

Therefore, the only result of depression is mental pain. It gives the experience of hell. It damages our brain and life.
So, do you think there is any treatment of depression? No, there is no treatment of depression. Most of the people are taking medicine of mental disease caused by depression. Depression is our negative thought toward our life. So, How do you think there is any medicine to stop those thoughts.

One of my friends came to college after three months with a skinny body. I asked the reason for the absence. He said, “ I was depressed. I forget my colourful life for three months.” Again he continued,” for three months I don’t eat properly. I don’t meet with anyone. . Because I failed in the relationship.”
I expressed sadness about his sad story.

Again he continued in a happy tone, ” But now I am free from depression. I tried many ideas to remove depression, and I successfully came out of It.”
I asked, “how you successfully remove depression?”
And, he explained the idea he used to remove depression and start to a new life.
He explained all his story about how he fights with depression. Also, he teaches me some ideas to remove depression.

To come out from depression, he did meditation. He told me, meditation helped him to forget his memory of his girlfriend whom he loved by heart.
I ask, “How to do meditation?”
He replied,” awaken early within the morning, Sit in a peaceful place comfortably and shut your eyes. Now, make your mind empty. Don’t think anything neither, goodies nor bad things.”

Again I asked, Did meditation help to remove your depression?”
He answered “Yes, it did. My mental pain doesn’t stop me to try that idea, So, my mind got an opportunity to relax. Our mind doesn’t allow us to create negative thought.”
How does it works,” I asked.
Whenever bad thought attack my mind, I take a long breath” he replied

He suggested me to try to do so if I am affected by unwanted thoughts. Therefore I also do meditation and, It gave me a far better experience than previous.
I learned that meditation is the best idea to remove depression.

Share problems with other

Also, he said, “I isolated from my family and well-wishers for months. But my mind does not wash mental pain. And I decided to share my problems with my family members.”
Did you explained your all problem with them?” I questioned
“Yes”, he replied
and he continued,” They gave me sympathy, I feel happy for that.
Perish her from your mind, why you’re becoming sad for that girl who never loved you. If she is made for you, she would have never left you” I said sympathetically.
He thanked me for my words.

He suggested me that, “whenever you face any problem share those together with your beloved. You may not get a solution, but you will get somewhat relief in mind.
I learned that to avoid depression, one should not hide his problems. But must be shared with trusted peoples. Therefore, Sharing problem with the beloved person is the best idea to remove depression.

Remember good event of life.
Remembering good event of life is the best idea to remove depression. “Whenever I feel sad or, my mind gets depressed, I drink a glass of water and believe the sole good event of my life. It helps to heal my sadness,” he said.

Good event of our life suggests that life isn’t only crammed with sorrow and pain, but also, it’s something that folks actually need. Why waste precious life brooding about worse events, that only gives us worry and grief.

To avoid depression, one should remember his memorable moment of life. And must make hope to repeat an equivalent moment again to recollect in future. He suggested to me that “how much depressed you’re, attempt to believe good memories with us and together with your family. you’ll forget the pain.

Remember your goal

“I forgot about my goal and my responsibilities. But later, I remembered I am a student, I must focus on my study.
Another way I avoid depression is that I questioned myself “why I am born? what is ambition? why should I waste my life being negative?. Then I make myself ready to work for my goal.” he said.

Some problem gives us depression, but we must find a way to solve them instead of losing hope. We should understand that our life doesn’t give one chance, it gives us many. Don’t forget your goal of life. To remove depression, don’t forget your goal. Try to make yourself energetic. Divert your mind toward your work.

Be social and smile
I got a wedding invitation from my relatives. I had no interest to satisfy with people neither, I had a mood to hitch any group.
But anyhow I made a decision to travel to the wedding party. Therefore, I got a chance to meet with my relatives after a long period. They welcomed me. Also, I helped to manage the party, I did some physical works and make some new friend there

he said. Again he continued his story” I got the new environment and that I met with peoples there, I eat delicious food and that I got appreciation from my relatives. Therefore, somehow I forgot my all pain. Being social makes us feel good. So, Nowadays I surround myself with people that help me and understand my problems.” When you participate in your favourite group for a few time, You feel refreshed. If you create a habit of being social, then you’ll remove depression totally.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you smile at someone, they smile back? Smile is the gorgeous makeup of our body. Therefore, Smile ahead of the mirror. Smile at the people you meet without reason and feel the difference.

This is the story of how my friend avoids depression from his mind. Use this method to remove depression. You’ll say that I’m depressed due to another problem. But I would like to mention that puzzle could also be different, but the behaviour of our mind altogether problem is same. This formula is beneficial not only to avoid depression due to a bad relationship, however, it also works for depression due to every difficulty.

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Depression is not a disease, It is the negative state of our mind.

How to remove depression: 5 Ways

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