The rare items in Minecraft- Top 10 collection

The rare items in Minecraft- Top 10 collection

There are about five times more items than there are blocks in Minecraft. Some items, you find here and there, but some you cannot find no matter how much you look. So, In this article, you will know which are the rare items in Minecraft with their finding place.

Top 10 rare items in Minecraft

1. Music discs

Minecraft Music discs

Music discs are one of the rarest materials to be found in Minecraft, and the only use of these items is to play some tune. You can play them by placing them on the jukebox.

There are 13 of these, each having different appearances. The most probable places to find these Minecraft music discs are Woodland mansions, Bastions, buried treasure, or shipwrecks.

2. Dragon egg

Minecraft Dragon egg

The dragon egg is one of the late-game items you get, but You will only get this egg after you defeat the ender dragon in the end. It only spawns once.

You cannot collect it Normally with a pickaxe, though. You will need to push it off the platform by placing a piston. That is why the dragon egg is on the list of rare items.

3. Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted Golden Apple

Firstly, the enchanted golden apple is non-craftable, and secondly, it is Very Hard to find, so it is called the rarest thing in Minecraft. An enchanted golden apple works like a golden apple.

In addition, It gives you effects like regeneration 2,5 or absorption 4. It also provides fire resistance 1 and resistance 1 for 5 mins. You can find Enchanted Golden Apple in desert temples, woodland mansions, Mineshafts, bastions, and ruined portals.

4. Heart of the sea

The heart of the sea is a rare item that you can use to make a conduit. A conduit is a structure used to make water near it breathable. A Heart of the sea is also a non-craftable item, and it can be found in places like shipwrecks and buried treasure only.

5. Nether star

Nether star in Minecraft

Undoubtedly, the Nether star is one of the rare resources in Minecraft- The only way you can obtain one is by killing the wither boss. Creating the wither boss is itself hard. You will need three wither skeletons heads for it. By the use of Nether star, you can make beacons.

6. Creeper heads

Minecraft Creeper heads

The creeper head as a helmet is another item in this list, which is not found easily in the game. You can use it as a skin for the helmet and decorative purposes.

You will need the weather to be a thunderstorm first, then strike the creeper with a trident and kill it to have a chance to get the Creeper head in Minecraft.

7. Suspicious stew

Suspicious stew in Minecraft

Suspicious stew is just a stew you get from a mushroom cow, and to get it, you must travel to the mushroom biome, which is again rare to find. In that biome, you need to find the mushroom cow-Strike it by lightning bolt once- Feed it some flowers- Then collect its milk with a bowl, not a bucket.

8. Dragons breath

Dragons breath in Minecraft

Another Hardest item to find in Minecraft is Dragons breath. When fighting the ender dragon, it will shoot fireballs at you, and when it does that, you need to have an empty glass bottle ready to collect it by right-clicking the breath when it reaches near the ground.

You also complete an advancement by getting the Dragons breath, and you can use this item to make some lingering potions in Minecraft.

9. Totem of undying

Totem of undying

Totem of undying is the immortality item which is very rare in nature. It saves you from death once per totem when you are about to die. You can get totems of undying by killing the evoker or in woodland mansions.

10. Bottle O’enchanting

Bottle O’enchanting in Minecraft

It is a special potion that gives you exp points, but you cannot drink it. You will have to toss it into your feet to get the exp. You can find Minecraft Bottle O’enchanting in shipwrecks and sometimes in pillager outposts.