These biggest mistakes can give you lifetime regret. Avoid them.

Mistakes and regret of life

Sometimes we make the biggest mistakes that give regret for a lifetime.

Therefore this article will tell you about what mistakes push you in the ocean of regret and how to avoid them.

Feeling of regret is directly related to the mistake:

After every mistake, you have one question in your mind, “why did I do that?”

And whenever, you feel regret, you have one wish, “If only, I had done this and that.”

So, the meaning is that mistake is the reason for regret. And the more you make a blunder, the more you will grieve.

For example, you submitted your assignment without research, so you failed in the exam.

You didn’t do research it’s your mistake; you failed that’s the result and the worst feeling you get after you failed that’s regret.

The relationship between anxiety and error is, they are best friend. If you call a mistake, then regret will come with it like an uninvited guest.

But knowing all these things, some people regret for lifetime because of mistakes.

And mistakes don’t give you sleep and become the reason of lifetime regret.

Are regret and mistake dangerous?

A person loved to ride a bike in high speed.

Unfortunately, one day he broke his leg in a bike accident.

After all the treatment, the doctor suggested him to take rest for six months. And also, he requested the patient not to do physical exercise for two years.

Due to that accident, he suffered physically and mentally.

Until two years, he destroyed his mentality due to the feeling of regret. He wasted two years in thinking, thinking and thinking.

When he saw other jumping and playing, he used to say, “If only I had slowed down my speed.”

This feeling of regret took his sleep of the night.

And after the full recovery, he got a lesson and never rode his bike again like a ghost rider.
But to learn that lesson he wasted two years of his life.

Now tell me is mistake good? Is regret good?

If you ask me then, my answer is it is both good and bad.

It is somehow acceptable because the mistake and regret teach the person a valuable lesson.
And it’s worst because it takes away the motivation from us, makes us weak and depressed, and waste our precious time.

But the wise person always tries to avoid the mistakes and regret either it is good or bad.

Can you avoid mistakes and regret?

Yes you can but in one condition;

Suppose you bought 1000 shares of a company, but your all investment sunk theirs.

Later you knew that the company is a scam.

So, buying the share of such company was your mistake and regret of your life.

But if you had gathered the information about the company before buying a share, then you would have avoided the mistake.

If you can predict the future consequences of your action, you can avoid regret and mistake.

If you know, what will happen in the future due to your decision, you will either continue the task or, stop it.

And, If you got a hint, you succeed then you will go forward. Otherwise, you will avoid making mistakes that give regret for a lifetime.

These are your biggest mistakes and reason for lifetime regret.

Biggest mistake and regret of life
Regret gives grief.

You didn’t identify your god.

Everyone has faith in the divinity, which is a good thing.

I don’t know what perception, belief, or, thought you have for the god.
But I consider a lord, who remains with us anytime selflessly. And who claps in our happiness and cry in our failure.

Yes, I am talking about the parents. If you don’t believe, they are god, then travel all the continent and interact with more than seven billion peoples, you will not find people like them.

They are the real god, who care for you, bless you and die for you.

Knowing all these things, most of the people give try to the mistakes and regret the lifetime.

So, what is the mistake?

The mistake is that despite having god in their own home, they search in another place.

They travel here and there but ignore their parents(god), who stand beside them as a mountain for the limited time.

Read the story of a drunkard:

I failed to digest my parent’s love. From my teenage, I started to drink and smoke because of bad company. And I never thought I was doing wrong.

My parents punished me for all those activities. They always try to teach me, but I never listened to a single word.

One day, while my mom was convincing me to quit bad habits, I slapped her and spoke the evil words with my father,
because only their fault was, they were trying to show me the right path.

But year after year, I became heavy drunker. Neither I got a permanent job in life nor, peace in the head. And unfortunately, after many years, I lose my parents.

After that incident, I suffered mentally, not because I ruined my life because of wine and cigarette, but because I quarrelled with my god until they live. I slapped, I broke a relationship with someone who created me on this beautiful earth.

After then, I never got a person who cared for me like them. I disrespected my lord, who dwelled in my house. Therefore, I am living a cursed life.”

Remark my words parents are the real deity. If they punish you, they will do for your welfare, but not to hurt you; their every word has meaning.

They are the angel with a pure heart who stay with you for a limited time. If you don’t notice it now, then you will suffer in the middle part of your age.

Therefore, you give a try among the big mistakes and lifetime regret when you fail to identify the divinity.

The only person lives a meaningful life who worship(respect) their parents because they are the only source of motivation, strength, help, everything.

You ignored your best guide.

The first guide of every individual is their parents, but they don’t stay forever because everything ends at last.

Then what is the best friend that shows the path for every step?

Yes, you are right education is the best immortal teacher that always tells, what is wrong and what is best.

Education is the such a teacher that will couch you free for a lifetime. And getting an education is not an easy thing, but the best things don’t come effortlessly. Like a bitter guard, taste disgusting, but cure many diseases.

Education is such a guide that never demolish; instead, it becomes more mature, wise and intense.

However, people make a mistake by rejecting to take their guide with them on their life path. As a result, they grieve in their life.

I reckon you have seen many people leave their education in the middle way and choose another path. But after some year they sound like, “If only I had studied.”

Read these words:

In the 11th class, one of my friends left his study and went abroad to earn money(working-visa).
Later, I asked the reason why he left his education.

He replied, “It’s futility to forwarding study. At last, you will also run for the money. Therefore, the last purpose of the study is to earn wealth, so I decided to earn from today, without wasting time and capital for the study.”

Most of the time, people don’t want to wait some years to earn and choose the direct path leaving their education.”

And what happens?

They regret in their life because they work in the same position due to lack of knowledge while another friend who studied hard gets satisfying work and promotion.

And in their middle age, they tell their children and wife, “if I wouldn’t have quit my study, I would have become this or that.”

Then tell me, isn’t it a life full of regret? It will happen to you if you will also do the same.

However, it’s only a piece of example, I don’t want to connect education with salary, Because an educated person not only earns but also live a successful life.

Education guide a person for a lifetime; help to make the relevant decision, give generosity, goodwill, reputation and peace.

But uneducated person wastes their life by swimming in the ocean of regret.

If you don’t believe me, then ask someone who left his education many years ago. If they reply, then judge, their words, expression and eyes you will see regrets.

You think you’re the king.

Let’s imagine, you got success in your life, either with hard work or, luck.

Therefore, you turned an egoist person; you start to think, others are nothing in front of you.

Whenever your well-wisher, friends and relatives come to you, you talk with them by, insulting and dominating tone to prove you are superior.

But, it is a silly mistake of your life, because the time doesn’t remain the same.

Let’s suppose, in the coming days, if you go down from your position, how you will show your face to those people with whom you show off you’re proud.

You and I are human beings, don’t we? so, sometimes we have to depend on each other to proceed with our life smoothly.

Sometime, I will have a pen, but no ink; and you will have ink, but no pen.

If anyone thinks himself a king while he has everything right now, then it’s a biggest mistake and matter of lifetime regret.

Because one day the ink will dry and pen will disappear or, break.

I hope you understood.

If you don’t want to live an apologetic life, then don’t make your admirer far from you. Because, if someday your worst time will come, then you will feel shameful to stand in front of them.

Someday, if you will go to the people whom you dominated now then;

They will say you in mocking tone, “we can’t believe, how could a king come to us for a help, who insulted us in his kingdom“.

What will you do? You will regret all your mistakes.

If time can give you rise, then it can take you down to make you realize about your mistakes.

You worked without reason.

The habit of working hard is a good thing, but without reason, it’s futility, because life is limited to waste age in unfruitful work.

It is seen people sacrifice their time and resources in one thing for a long time, but at last, they get nothing but failure.

Suppose you decide to do a business because you saw a profit on it.

But you took that decision without any business skill and knowledge. Neither you had a technique of handling people nor, information on the required equipment.

Also, you were unaware of the cost to start the venture.

But also, you invested everything. However, due to the lack of information and knowledge, you failed in every step, and after years you gave up.

Yes, you learnt a lesson, but what is the meaning of that lesson that comes to you, when you have nothing to start up again.

And at last, you sound like, ” If only, I had learnt more, before starting the business.”
If only I had chosen another profession.”

After a long struggle and hard work, if you say, “I wish, I had done this and that“, then doesn’t it mean you regret in your life?

It looked like you struggled with no reason, Don’t you?

But if you had done that business with full preparation, you would have avoided more than 50 per cent mistakes and loss.

Therefore, your biggest mistakes and regret is, you give time to work for a lifetime without any productive prediction. Or, you selected wrong.

Also, this happens;

You work for something, and you don’t get any result in one month, so you double your focus and concentration.

After, after a six month, still, you remain in the same position, but also you try.

But at last, when you realize you have sacrificed many things, you regret because of your part of your life on unsuitable work.

You trusted blindly

Trusting on someone or, something is good, but trusting by closing eyes is foolishness.

I reckon you have heard some failed love stories; what happens there?

First, they two(boy & girl) meet each other; and later they fall in love. But among them, one deceives others.

After then, the selfish partner selects another one and the one who loved truly, suffer for years.

Isn’t it a regret? The person whom you loved closing eyes kicked you and left you in a middle way.

That’s about a love story.

Sometimes friends are also master in playing a mind game. They act as a sage in front of you and turn black cobra when your back turned.

But what to do, how you will know who plays and who pray?

Therefore, you think a person best friend who shows themself close to you. And you share everything with him; your plan, secret, whatever.

You sacrifice your happiness to make him happy; you pray goodness for him, and he curses you in response.

And one day, he will blame you for everything because he no longer needs you.

At last, you will hear from him, “what you have done for me?”

After that, he will join another group, and reveal your all the internal things; your strength, weakness, plan, secret, everything.

Yes, my friend, it’s your mistake to trust someone blindly, because not all the people are the same as you, who think good for others.

Most of the people come in your life to take out profit from you.

Therefore, I don’t know about you, but I consider trusting too much is among the biggest mistakes that give lifetime regret.

One thing remembers today’s friend can turn tomorrow’s enemy.

You fail to identify you’re well-wisher.

Undoubtedly, parents are the first well-wisher. But, “who is your well-wisher other than parents?”, it is the confusing question,

You will say friends, partner, roommate, whatever.

But will you include your teacher on the list of well-wisher? Yes, you will.

However, many of the students will not, because, for them, they are villains.

Because they teach them as if they are their parents, and if the student made an error, they punish them.

And most of the student take the punishment as a curse and think that teacher as their enemy.

However, teachers are neither villain nor, enemy, but they are the person who celebrates your success and motivates in your failure.

They punish not because they hate their students, but because they want to stop the students from being a matter of hate.

Read this story:

While I was reading in 8th class, a 10th class student fought with someone.

And while the teacher tried to convince him, he misbehaved with the teacher and left the school from the next day.

So, you can imagine his present situation; no education, no ethics, not anything.

If you don’t believe that teacher always wish success for their student, then give your good suggestion to someone.

And, if your suggestion solved his problem, then trust me, you will become happier than the person who took advice from you.


Because. he solved his problem with the help of your words.

You suggested means, for a while, you became his teacher.

Likewise, the teacher teaches you valuable lessons and give you a suggestion to make your life easier.

And if you followed their words, and got the success, they become happier then you.

So, I consider the teacher are the best well wishes after the parents.

And if anyone goes beyond their instruction, then it’s among biggest mistakes which give lifetime regret.

You choose the wrong life partner.

In the initial part of life, everyone lives with their parents, but later they have to live with their life partner, which is not compulsory but obligatory.

You live a happy life before marriage, but after the wedding, it depends on your spouse.

Because of the wrong partner, most of the people can’t reach on the beach despite they swim in the ocean of regret.

Just imagine life, you and your life partner, living under the same roof. Disagreement, quarrels, domination, torture are sure if you two have opposite thought and goal.

You and I have seen the people who cry in the rest of their life because of their wrong spouse, don’t we?

Why people marry?

The primary reason is, to fulfil a basic need, and to forward their generation. And the secondary reason is, for sharing, caring, and support, isn’t it?

But what if your expectation went wrong?

Read these words:

” I will marry a beautiful girl.”
“My life partner should be rich and handsome.”

If you select something by its appearance, then you are jumping in a beautiful blue lake without knowing it’s the dept.

If you got a beautiful wife who demands too much from you, and if you got a rich husband who drinks and smoke and destroys the peace of home and life.

Therefore, selecting a wrong life partner is your biggest mistake and reason for lifelong regret.


Some people marry too early before completing their education.

I don’t know why they do, but I assume it’s a big mistake; because, they marry without a career, without maturity.

And in their early age, they become parents of their children.

Therefore, while nourishing their children, they don’t get time to make a career or, if they search for the job, then their children cry in the corner.

And the result of both example is the same, ‘regret‘.

And after some year they beat their forehead and say with a gloomy and regrettable tone;

If only I had married another person, or late.”

You decide immediately

It doesn’t matter if you alter the small decision of your life. But you can’t change some decision according to your wish.

Some people make their decision wisely; they analyze, negative and positive effects, then only they step forward.

However, others are quick.

They don’t think for a second, “why I am taking this decision?“, “How it will affect my life?” and “Who is going to be influenced by my decision?

So, the person who decides quickly, regret in their life.

I wish, I had taken another subject” is the most common regrettable words spoken by most of the students.

Because they choose subject quickly for further education and later, they regret their choice.

Read this story:

Some days ago my friend decided to buy a bike and went to the Bajaj showroom to by Pulsar NS 200.

While he reached there, the salesman informed him saying, “sir, the piece of the model you are searching for has finished. We sold the last stock yesterday, so we have ordered extra bikes. However, due to lockdown, they will deliver them after ten days.

Therefore, if you want NS 200, then you have to wait till then.”

But my friend was not ready to wait for ten days, because of his excitement.

Therefore, he decided to buy a lower version of Pulsar NS with 150cc, and he bought it.

And you can predict his mental situation after ten days when his favourite bike arrived in the showroom.

Yes, his immediate decision was the biggest mistakes that give lifetime regret.

Later, he told me in regrettable tone, “If only I had waited for ten days. But unfortunately, I have to use this bike for many years because I don’t have enough money to buy another.”

So, If such kind of small decision can give you regret, then think what big decision can bring surprises in your life.

You didn’t make a good memory in life.

I don’t know what do you think, but not having any best memory to smile in the future is your mistakes which give lifetime regret.

Read this story:

While I was in university, I went in seven days tour out of the country with my friends and teachers.

But some of my friends missed that opportunity.

We captured our memories(photos, videos) on our camera.

And I shared some of the picture and dancing videos on social media. And my absent friends reacted to those photos.

The seven days journey was my best memory of my life because I stayed close with my best friends for many night and day.

And after the trip, one of my friend who didn’t go to the tour said, “why you were sharing photos on social media. I was feeling discomfort and jealous; because I was absent on that special opportunity.”

And again he continued, “I regretted a lot because I missed the chance.”

And I replied, “you were busy, my friend. Work and success is not everything sometimes friendship, and best memories are part of life.”

Yes, my friend, don’t call me wrong but it is a fact that we live a life like a donkey, who work, work and work. And we forget to enjoy life.

We run for the success, fame, wealth but we don’t think for a second if we don’t have memories what stories we will tell to our coming generation.

Sometimes it is fun to tell our stories to others, but what if we have nothing to share?

Don’t try to live a life full of repent.

You didn’t identify your assets.

Your brain, skill, talent help you to achieve your goal. But your behaviour help to earn friends and supporter.

You know the magnet pulls iron toward it. Similarly, your good behaviour attracts masses toward you effortlessly.

A person who behaves rudely lives a lonely and regretful life; because no one prefers to take the hand of a bitter person, not even their spouse.

So, I consider the behaviour as the greatest asset of a human being.

A person gets an education, go on the top, but his misbehaviour can take him to ground over a night.

Yes, I understood you are kind from inside, but hard from speech. But not everyone will understand it because you will not have time to tell everyone about you.

No one will understand your hidden qualities. Therefore, you have to show it through your behaviour; Only to make friends you must behave well.

Unwillingly you must accept this fact,” dishonest person with honourable behaviour makes many friends, then a real person with a straight forward personality.”

That’s a real fact, but I am not suggesting you become fake or, nice.

I am saying, don’t hurt other people through your immoral behaviour, if you want to live a peaceful life.

A rude person becomes alone. And a lonely person lives a regrettable life full of sorrow. And in their middle ager, they say, “If only, I had shown good behaviour with all.”

Rude response act like a needle that pinches in the heart of others, isn’t it?

So, Show off your suitable manner, either you are good or bad form inside.

How to stay away from a mistake?

  • Take the decision carefully and wisely because the wrong decision is like cancer.
  • Don’t marry for one day’s excitement.
  • Don’t forget to live a life in the search for wealth and fame.
  • Get knowledge before you start to work; life is limited to make mistakes.
  • Be neutral even though you are king.
  • Always follow the guideline of your teacher and parents.
  • Don’t accept beautiful things without judging internal things; Don’t forget attractive rose have a throne on its steam.
  • Make yourself an educated person.
  • And don’t trust anyone closing your eyes. Be cautious!


Those all the points are the mistake that people make in their life.

And the result of all mistake is regret; and the only sound is “I wish, If only”.

But, try to avoid the mistake is better than wishing.

And only you can avoid them if you know before starting anything.

No human gets a chance to say, “I died yesterday, but I returned?”

Then why to ruin it making mistakes and being regretful?

Regretful life is the worst life because it makes the person weak mentally.

Therefore, try to avoid those biggest mistakes that give regret for a lifetime and live life flawless.

Regretful life never gives peace.

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