Watchman (Dominic) | Farlight 84

Watchman (Dominic) | Farlight 84

Watchman, also famous by another name Dominic, is the Defense hero in Farlight 84, who carries different unique abilities. His abilities are Useful not only for self-survival but also it strengthens the squad’s Defense. You can upgrade him up to level 10(Max), and in each will add more power so he can dominate the battlefield.

Watchman Skills & Abilities

Freeze Defense Turret
– He sets up a turret that automatically works if the enemies are wandering nearby. The Turret is the best to slow enemies while dealing massive damage without any effort.
– When you have weak arsenals, this ability will help you get more kills.
– It also safeguards the squad from the enemy rush attacks

Bunkers Away
– His second skill deploys a defensive bunker at the current location. So, this will help you to survive the bullet from your enemies.
– When you have low HP but you are surrounded by the enemy squad, you can use a second skill to get some relief.

Auto Guard
– When he takes damage, an energy barrier is automatically generated. This effect has a static CD.
– His Auto Guard ability is good to kill more enemies while helping his teammates.

Watchman Levels

2Enhances the dealing ability by 8%
3Increases his HP Limit
4Enhances the dealing ability by 8%
5His first skill is enhanced.
The range and defense values of defensive bunkers are increased.
6Enhances the dealing ability by 8%
7Further enhance the HP Limit
8Enhances the dealing ability by 8%
9The CD of tactical skill decreases
10Enhances the dealing ability by 8%


In Farlight 84, the hero Watchman has 2 skins which are listed in the table:

Farlight 84 watchman skin
Rookie Guardi
You will obtain it from the Event

You will obtain it from the Special Events in the game or with Diamonds