Wild Rift Urgot Build Guide | Counters, Items, Spells, Combos

Wild Rift Urgot Build Guide | Counters, Items, Spells, Combos

This article will guide you with the pro build of Urgot, The Dreadnought in LoL Wild Rift, which includes his best Items, spells, combos, counter, weakness and skin. 


Urgot is a recently released champion in Wild Rift who is mainly played in either the baron lane or jungle and functions as a tank/fighter. Although Urgot is a tank/fighter, he is also a ranged champion who deals more damage the more near enemies, so he is a unique type of tank in the game. So, it makes his playstyle very different from the traditional tanks in baron lane. 

Urgot is also relatively easy to play in Rift because his kit is easy to use and understand, making him a beginner-friendly champion. In addition, this champ is best for anyone who wants to play a tank that can impact the game. His ult is also very satisfying. If you can hit a low target, you will drag them towards you instantly, executing them and fearing everyone around you, including champions which makes you feel like a pro player.

Urgot Combo

Wild Rift Urgot combo is pretty straightforward, and there are many different ways in which you can start it off. You can either try to land your ult on a low-health target and flash into multiple enemies and fear them or use your third ability to gap close and engage, followed by using your first ability to slow and activate your second ability, followed by your ultimate to finish them off.

Urgot Spells

Urgot spells

Flash and ignite are always the best Spells on Urgot build in Wild Rift. Taking ignite spell will give Ungot the kill pressure and help execute enemies easier. You can also go flash barrier or flash exhaust against heavy damage enemies or take a flash to smite if you are going jungle.

Urgot Counters

Apart from damage, Urgot does not provide much utility for the team like other traditional tanks, which is his weakness. So if he gets behind on the farm and kills, it is hard to be useful to him. Darius, aatrox, Fiora and Vayne are the best counter heroes against Urgot in Wild Rift. Similarly, Urgot is strong against champs like Sett, Gwen, garen and Nasus.

Urgot Build 

Urgot best items in wild rift

Here in the table shows the best build items in Wild Rift suitable to make Urgot, The Dreadnought Powerful:

Build Items/EquipmentDescription
Black cleaver Black cleaver’s first best equipment build of Urgot to make him tank. It provides Urgot with extra health and cooldown reduction. Also, its passive allows you to penetrate enemies’ armour and gain movement speed in combat. This item is perfect for fighters who always like to engage in fights.
Death DanceDeath dance is good against any heavy ad burst enemies as it delays the amount of damage taken. Also, it provides you with a cooldown and armour. Its passive ability grant you extra health for every takedown you get, which can be critical during fights.
Mercury boots with Stone Plate Enchant Mercury boots provide Urgot with magic resistance, reduce the duration of stuns and CC and grant you a big shield while he is near enemies.
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel is a super important item on Urgot in the late game, where the outcome depends on the last teamfight and having extra health can be crucial.
Spirit visage Spirit visage against Ap damage heroes and grants you magic resist cooldown reduction, and health. It increases the healing and shielding effects by 30%
Thornmail Thornmail is the final ideal build item of Urgot for the extra armor and the healing reduction it provides. It also grants the ability to reflect every basic attack damage you take in fights which can be annoying when you are an AD carry.

Urgot Runes:

Here are the ideal Runes of Urgot, The Dreadnought in Wild Rift:

Urgot best runes in wild rift
1) Kraken slayer

Since Urgot’s second ability spams his auto, he can easily proc the passive of kraken slayer with his autos, giving him tons of DPS.

2) Brutal 

Brutal is a good choice of rune for the early game attack damage, or you can also replace this time with triump, which is equally good for Urgot.

3) Adaptive carapace

The adaptive carapace is good in both AD and AP teams as it provides armour or magic resistance when you are in low health. However, you can also go Hunter titan if the enemy team has lots of stun CC.

4) Demolish 

Demolish for the early tower damage, and it will make it easier to take tower plates, giving you a big gold lead.

Urgot Skin

You can buy the skin of Urgot, High Noon Urgot, from the shop for 990 Wild cores.