Pandemic end in 2021?: What we know

will pandemic end in 2021

A big question, Will COVID19 pandemic end in 2021, a big question without accurate answer.

Yesterday, I had a telephone conversation with my friend.
Friend: Hello! How are you?
I: I am fine. Thank you! and how are you. ( Actually, I am not fine not anyone is, because all are depressed due to this pandemic and lockdown.)
Friend: What are you doing nowadays?
I: I have nothing to do except eating, sleeping, and unnecessary discuss with my parents. And, What you are up to?
Friend: Don’t ask me such a question, It hurt. (laughing)
I: (laughing) It means you have got a job in a reputed company, Congratulations!
(We both laughed)
Friend: When this pandemic going to end? Will pandemic end in 2021?
I: Even a god don’t have the answer to this question, who am I to answer. But hope still remains.

After a long vacation, we are tired of living inside the home. Our wants and desire, our mind and soul are trying to push us out of the house to do something. But the pandemic is not letting us do any work or job.
Therefore, we are raising an answerless question to ourselves or a person whom we speak. Will pandemic end in 2021?
Have you also ever asked the same question with anyone or yourself? And do you have any words to reply to this question? Do you have any prediction?

We don’t know whether pandemic ends in 2021 or not. But the current situation and good news about progress in covid19 vaccine are giving us hope.

We know currently, the scientists, researcher and government are working 24/7 to discover the effective medicine of COVID19 and to perish pandemic from this beautiful world. And most of the medicine manufacturing companies and government have vowed to distribute the cure of this pandemic to the entire humanity. More than 150 coronavirus vaccine is being developed around the whole globe. As a result, some vaccine is giving hope to the whole of humanity.

For instance, a vaccine named mRNA-1273 produced by an American company has successfully passed the second phase of research and entered in the third phase for further research and development.
Similarly, an inactivated vaccine made by a Chinese company named Wuhan institute of the biological product has approved for third phase research. Also, a vaccine CoronaVAC developed by Sinovac has successfully reached in the third phase of development. Similarly, other many companies are struggling and progressing to make a legendary vaccine to save peoples around the world.
Furthermore, It is not clear but, Russia has declared victory over the horrible virus after the invention of the Sputnik V vaccine. They have announced that their research and development is ready to defeat pandemic, that is the reason for lockdown and global crisis.

So, the world is working to remove pandemic as soon as possible, leaving other work in the side. And the progress in the development of a vaccine is a positive sign which means that the pandemic will not remain for a long time. But, It can’t be said that the COVID19, will end totally till the middle of next year because, firstly, the virus has spread all over the world and affected millions of people. Secondly, if the vaccine is ready for the user, then it will take time for the mass production and distribution. So, there is no fixed time when the medicine will arrive in the market. So, we may get it beginning of next year or, mid-2021 or, end of 2021

Let’s be positive because the concerning team are working every day and night to discover the working vaccine. Therefore, it depends on them, and fortunately, they are hopeful. Don’t be panic, the human being has solved many big problem and crisis earlier. If they found the solution to every problem earlier, then why we can’t now?

No one has seen the future, but according to this positive progress on the vaccine development, the future is clear and bright. The pandemic will not stay for a long time. One day we will get the chance to fly our mask in the air like graduate flies their hat in the graduation ceremony. Let’s hope the pandemic will end in 2021.

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Pandemic end in 2021?: What we know

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