How can you make an automatic Kelp farm in Minecraft?

How can you make an automatic Kelp farm in Minecraft?

You can also do Kelp farming in Minecraft, so Let’s go step by step with pictures to build an automatic kelp farm.

What is kelp, and What are its uses in Minecraft?

Kelp is the most Useful plant in Minecraft. They only spawn in ocean biomes underwater, and these faunas can grow very tall up to 26 blocks high.

Kelps are the best food source, and you can cook them in the furnace to make dried kelp. You can use Kelp plants as a fertilizer in the composter and fuel source in Minecraft.

Steps for making an automatic Kelp farm in Minecraft

To build the Kelp farm in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:- A stack of glass blocks, some kelp, some building blocks, observers, pistons, Redstone, buckets of water, a hopper, slabs, and a chest.

Step 1

Make a 7*4 wall of glass in your yard.

Step 1 to make automatic Kelp farm in Minecraft
Step 2

Now cover the edge of the glass wall with building blocks. Make a wall on both sides- shown in the Picture.

Step 3

Place the one-layer blocks in the bottom of the glass wall by connecting to sidewalls.

Step 4

Now, put pistons in the layer that you just made but point the face of these pistons toward glass walls. (In Minecraft, you can make pistons using planks, stone, iron, and Redstone.)

fourth step to build automatic Kelp farm in Minecraft
Step 5

Place observers over the pistons, turning their faces opposite the glass wall. (You can make an observer using Redstone, cobblestone, and nether quartz.)

Step 6

Cover the left last hole with blocks and add a layer of blocks behind the piston. Then add Redstone dust above those blocks.

Step 7

Cover the top of observers with blocks.

7th step to create automatic Kelp farm in Minecraft
Step 8

Now pour 6 water buckets in front of the observer and cover the last space with blocks.

Step 9

Now place down the kelp on the bottom. As soon as you place the kelp 3 blocks high the pistons will push them.

Step 10

Place slabs over the observers.

Step 11

Place a bucket of water at the edge of the first slab. Then after the flowing water breaks the slabs and the last block of stone.

Step 12

As the kelp grows on the farm, it will pop up because of the pistons and move to the top. Since the water at the top is flowing, it will be collected here.

Growing Kelp in the Farm
Step 13

Make an opening in the sides on the level where the kelp will flow from the farm.
So, after that, dig 2 blocks deep and add a chest, then add a hopper over the chest using crouch.

Kelp farm in Minecraft

There, your automatic kelp farm is ready in Minecraft, and now, check the kelp collected in the chest.

How to make a piston in Minecraft?

The required resources to craft a piston are 4 cobblestones, 3 wooden planks, 1 Redstone, 1 iron ingot. Place all these resources in the crafting table to make a Piston(Shown in Picture).

How to make a piston in Minecraft?