How to make an Iron Golem farm in Minecraft- step by step

How to make an Iron Golem farm in Minecraft- step by step

Let go through step by step to build a working golem farm in Minecraft so that you can get iron without traveling anywhere.

Iron is one of the most used metals in Minecraft. It is the material for crafting tools, armor, and many other things.
Iron is a tier above the stone tier, and it is not that hard to get.

In Minecraft, you can find iron if you dig for a moment, and you can find it in caves. This way is a little time-consuming and sometimes hard. Since iron is used vastly, we need a lot of iron to complete our needs. So, let us come to the point.

You might have tried the iron golem that spawns in the Minecraft villages gives you iron ingots. However, facing one for a 1v1 is not the best choice because it is a strong mob, and if you kill the villagers’ iron golems, you might lose the villagers’ trust in you. Therefore, why take such a risk? You can make your farm spawn iron golems for getting iron. Here, If you build an Iron golems farm, the iron golem creates there and killing them, you can make unlimited iron ingots.

Steps for making Iron Golem farm in Minecraft

The materials needed for iron Golem farming in Minecraft are 68 solid blocks which mean stone, granite, andesite, etc., half a stack of glass blocks, 5 beds, 2 villagers, 3 hoppers, 1 chest, 48 walls, 4 signs, 1 water bucket, and 1 lava bucket.

Step 1

Firstly, find a suitable place to make a farm and build an 8 block high tower there. Then make a 5*5 platform on that pillar.

Step 1 of making iron golem in Minecraft
Step 2

First, place 3 beds in the order, then place the 2 beds at the side.

Step 3

Make a border with blocks and add 2 layers of glass blocks over it.

Third step to make Iron golem in Minecraft
Step 4

Now you need to put 2 villagers in the base you just built. For this, make a track and put down a minecart. Then push the villagers into the base turn by turn. You can use powered rails and Redstone torches to make it easier.

using powered rails and Redstone torches in Minecraft
Step 5

Feed the villagers potato or carrots or bread to breed them. You need 5 villagers here, so breed them until they become 5. Then place a chest at the corner and add three hoppers connecting to the chest. To direct the hopper to the chest, hold crouch and place.

Step 6

Make a roof along with the hoppers and chest.

6th step of building iron golem in Minecraft
Step 7

Then make a 3 block high wall.

Step 8

Go inside the walls and place the signboards like in the picture.

8th steps of making Iron golem in Minecraft
Step 9

Pour lava on top of the middle signboard. Then pour water at the opposite end of the lava.

Step 10

Make sure the area near the Iron golem farm is a bit clear. There are not many blocks nearby or else the golem might spawn outside.
For the golem to spawn through, the villagers will have to sleep in those beds for one night. Then the golem will start spawning.

The Minecraft automatic Iron golem farm is ready now, and the golems will eventually spawn here and die to the lava giving you iron ingots.

Iron Golem in Minecraft