How to increase MMR in Mobile Legends?

How to increase MMR in Mobile Legends?

In this article, I will give you the top 6 tips that can help to increase your MMR in Mobile Legends(MLBB), so let us continue to know what they are.

Most online games contain leaderboards where players are ranked based on their gameplay. Similarly, Mobile legends also have different leaderboard categories such as popularity, achievements, win streak, and many more.

One category is leaderboards for heroes. You can be the global 1 Yve, or the global 1 Yu Zhong, etc. Now the thing that determines your place in the leaderboards is MMR.

In MLBB, MMR stands for Match Making Rate, which means a point for each of your wins.

Best ways to increase your MMR in Mobile legends

1. Play rank often than classic or other modes.

Rank match to boost MMR in Mobile legends

Paying other modes such as brawl, classic, arcade doesn’t increase your MMR. But, playing rank gives you more plus points so that your MMR will level up quickly in MLBB. So, play ranked matches as much as you can.

2. Try to play and master one hero.

To increase the MMR of the hero you want, you will have to keep on playing one hero. You will not only upgrade the MMR, but also you will learn how to play the hero better and master it.

So, you can see I have played 32 matches in MLBB with Yve already which all 32 are Ranked games.

3. Maintain your KDA in-game

Maintain KDA and increase MMR in Mobile legends

KDA stands for Kills Deaths and Assists, so you will have to play nicely to maintain it high. To do that, you must die less-kill enemies-get assists. Getting a gold medal after the game is a sign your KDA is good.

So, by doing this, you will maintain your KDA, which is the best way to increase your MMR fast in Mobile legends. As you see from the picture above, I have pretty decent KDA with 6 kills, 1 death, and 20 assists.

4. Play with your friends

Even for the pro players playing solo is hard- you can’t control your teammates and end losing the battle.

Playing with friends and communicating with them makes the game easier to win. You can push your rank with your team that ultimately boosts your MMR in MLBB.

5. Try to get MVP always.

Getting MVP in MLBB battles

The one in the team that plays the best in the game is the one who gets the MVP.

MVP is calculated by the damage you dealt, the damage you took, the turrent damage, your rotation, your deaths, and your team fight participation. So, getting MVP is the best way to get more MMR points in Mobile Legends(MLBB).

6. Must have a good win ratio to your games played.

Maintain Best win rate in MLBB

Finally, Winrate matters towards your MMR, and you should have an above 50% win rate in MLBB to have a good MMR. So, you can see that just from playing 62 games, I have a win ratio of 66%.