MLBB heroes without mana- Top 10 collection

MLBB heroes without mana- Top 10 collection

There are 3 types of heroes based on the use of mana in (MLBB) Mobile legends- they are mana dependent, energy dependent, and mana independent.

Almost all the mages are mana dependent, and most fighters are mana independent. The advantage of mana independent heroes is that you will not have to recall to base to refill your mana or buy mana regeneration items.

Most of these heroes are to be fighters because other than that, all other heroes use mana. So, I will list out Mobile legends heroes with no mana but has High damage.

Top 10 Heroes without mana in MLBB

1. Paquito

Paquito Hero in MLBB: A hero without Mana

The Strong fighter Paquito who has been banned in ranked matches ever since release, is a manaless hero in MLBB.
Paquito is an excellent Fighter hero that you can play as the jungler or exp lane. He can dash right into the enemy backline and use the enemy backline as a punching bag.

2. Leomord

MLBB Manaless hero: Leomord

Leomord is a forgotten fighter in Mobile legends who is extremely strong against Marksmen and mages. He has a lot of lifesteal and has five sets of skills. Leomordcan travels around the map very fast due to his horse, and he performs best as the sideliner. But if you like, you can play this non-mana hero as jungler as well.

3. Granger

Mobile Legends Manaless Hero: Granger

The Granger hero is one of the best junglers in MLBB right now, and he has no mana but deals Great damage. He is most suited for the jungle role but can be played as a gold laner, too.

Granger uses bullets instead of mana, unlike other Marksmen in Mobile legends, and he has a very high damage output. If you consider his performance in the battle, he is Strong from his early game to the late game.

4. Beatrix

A hero without mana in MLBB: Beatrix

The Beatrix is one of the most unbalanced heroes in MLBB right now. She is a marksman who performs best in the gold lane and has High damage. Beatrix is banned in almost all ranked games.
She uses bullets Instead of mana, and she can also switch between her four guns.

5. Minotaur

The Minotaur is one of my favorite tanks in MLBB because he is very-very tanky and can heal his teammates frequently.
He can also deal a lot of damage despite being a tank, but players pick him rarely these days. This Manaless hero plays best as the roamer, so whenever you pick the Minotaur, use him as a roamer in Mobile legends.

6. Balmond

Balmond: Mobile legends hero

We are talking about MLBB heroes without mana, and the Balmond is in the number six. The Balmond was once an unstoppable beast when the war axe was at its prime. His lifesteal and damage from his second skill made him almost unkillable.

Balmond is still good, but people ignore playing him as much. If you like to pick him, play him as a fighter or a jungler. He will perform best throughout the early to late game in both roles.

7. Chou

Players always pick the Chou whether he is in the meta or not.
The reason is that he is a beast at killing Marksmen and mages. Chou is the best hero without mana in Mobile legends who perform best in the gold or exp lane, but you can also play him as the tank. He has high mobility and is quite fun to play. Players often love to do freestyle with him, so they pick him most of the time.

8. Alucard

MLBB hero without mana: Alucard

Alucard is one of the heroes you buy at the start of the game. He is a fighter/ assassin who is most suitable for the jungler role. Players also play him in the side lane.

His sustain and damage are good enough. Once fed, he can easily take down even the Strongest tanks. Due to his ability to dash towards the target and escape the fight, he is a popular jungler without mana in MLBB.

9. Yu Zhong

The dragon, Yu Zhong in MLBB

The dragon, Yu Zhong, is also known as the mortal enemy of Marksmen and mages. His ultimate makes it very easy to clean the area out, especially for the turtle and lord.

Yu Zhong is a manaless hero in Mobile Legends who can dive into the backline and effortlessly kill the low hp mages and Marksmen.

He is very durable in fights. Due to his passive, he is one of the strongest heroes in the early game. He is also very good at the late stages of the game.

10. Lapu- Lapu

Mobile Legends Hero: Lapu Lapu

He is one of the Strongest and most durable fighter out there who is best suited to play at the exp lane. Lapu has high damage output. Also, he is known for his high mobility and his ability to jump into the backline.

He gets his ultimate very fast, and that is why he can continuously target the enemy’s backline. Lapu doesn’t use mana, but also this hero performs well from early to late game.