How to counter Anti-Mage in Dota 2?

How to counter Anti-Mage in Dota 2?

Anti-mage is one of the most annoying and hard to play against carries in the game, so here I will tell you the best technique to counter him and counter-pick for this Dota 2 hero.

Who is Anti-Mage?
Anti-Mage Hero in Dota 2

Anti-Mage is a fast agility-based hero in Dota 2 with high spell resistance. He is a hard carry with an excellent late game. Anti-mage is a good pick against heroes that depend on their mana, such as Wraith King, Bristtlleback, and he is also good against nukers and solo gankers such as Lina.

What abilities does Anti-Mage possess?

The first ability of Anti-mage (mana break) burns the mana of the enemy hero on each attack, and the second ability (Blink) allows him to blink up to a certain distance. This ability is much Useful as this helps him to chase or escape from enemy Ganks.

His third ability (counterspell) grants him spell resistance, and you can activate it to reflect enemy spells. His ultimate (mana void) does aoe damage based on the missing mana of the opponent hero in Dota 2 Match.

5 Best ways you can counter anti-mage in Dota 2

1. Disrupt his Farming stage

Anti-mage needs to get his battle furry to farm efficiently and scale, and Until then, he is unable to jungle by himself and needs to stay in the lane. He is squishy at this time.

So you should focus on Ganking him by teaming up with your midlaner and slow down his early game.

2. Ward the jungle

Anti-mage needs to farm the jungle camps to scale up quickly. Warding the jungle camps will allow you and your team to Gank Anti-mage while the hero is farming the jungle. It will also give you vision and information about him, which will help your teammates stay safe as anti-mage is very good at solo Ganking.

3. Anti mage Counter heroes

Anti-mage is bad against heroes that disable, silence, or lock him up. When an anti-mage is silent, he cannot escape and dies immediately, as anti-mage is not good against physical damage.

In Dota 2, some good anti-mage counter heroes are Legion commander, meepo, Doom, Skywraith-mage, Night stalker. Anti-mage is also bad against heroes with high evasions such as troll warlord, wind-ranger, and phantom assassin.

4. Counter Items

Dota 2 Items such as Orchid Malevolence can silence Anti-Mage also prevent him from using his abilities. Most importantly, prevent him from using blink to escape.

In later stages of the game, you can use an item like Scythe of Vyse to hex him. Heaven halberd is another item that can disarm anti-mage and make him useless in gang fights unless he has a black king bar.

5. Play against his timing

Playing against a farmed Anti-Mage in the late game is almost a sure loss even if your teammate is up by high kills. Your team should try to finish the game by 30-40 mins if you can.

So, You should push early towers. Doing this will limit Anti-Mage’s farming area. Fighting against Anti-mage when he does not have his bkb is also a good choice in the Dota 2 battle.

In Conclusion

Anti-mage is very hard to play against carry, so if you dislike playing that much against this hero, then you can ban him. Anti-mage is a hero who depends on his early farming stage and does not get a high power spike until the late game.

Any Dota 2 hero or item that can disable, silence, or lock him can counter the Anti-mage. When playing against Anti mage, you should know when anti mage has the worst timing and take advantage of it.

(Hopefully, this article helps you to counter Anti-Mage. Good luck!