Best Hard Support Heroes in Dota 2- Top 5 collection

What is Hard Support?

Hard Support is the role played by the player in Dota-2, which focuses on giving assist in the whole game or in team fights rather than taking out kills. The Hard support heroes can vastly divert the Dota 2 battle, and with good support and assistance, the team can make a come-back effortlessly.

These heroes usually don’t focus on farm-level, but they prioritize ganking up and assisting in a team fight. What matters for Hard support is their hero level.

I’ve listed some of the best Hard support characters you can use to win the team fight in Dota 2.

Top 5 hard support heroes in Dota 2

1) Shadow Shaman

Hard support hero in dota 2

Shadow shaman falls under the range/intelligence category hero section and is the best supportive hero in Dota-2. This hero’s second ability shackles the hero disabling the hero to attack for a short time. And the third ability magically blinds the enemy.

So, this ability of Shadow shaman does not let the enemies escape and disable their ability. This hero can play a supportive role in a very effective way in the battle.

2) Magnus

Magnus is a melee/strength category hero, and his supportive role can support the whole team to dominate the battle. Magnus’ second power grants the team bonus damage.

Similarly, in his third ability, Magnus himself rushes towards an enemy with around 800 radii dragging the enemy towards a destination dealing damage.

The third is the best ability of Magnus because it can let his teammate escape if they have low health. Similarly, his last ability drags the enemy stunning for a couple of seconds.

3) Pudge

Hard support hero in dota 2

Pudge falls under the melee/strength category and is considered an overpowered hero.

This hard support hero has the best ability since the start of the game as his first ability can hook an enemy from a long-range and bring it towards its teammates. Whereas his last ability also stuns the enemy dealing extra damage.

4) Crystal Maiden

Hard support hero

Crystal Maiden falls in the range/intelligence heroes category. Her abilities give the best support to the team for victory in Dota 2 fights.

The first ability Crystal Nova slows the enemy dealing damage. And the second ability deals damage stunning the enemy for a couple of seconds.

Similarly, her third ability grants health regeneration to a friendly unit. Finally, her final ability deals heavy damage slowing the enemy unit for some moment which is best for late games and a team fight.

5) IO

Hard support hero in Dota 2

The hero IO falls under the range/strength category and is one of the best hard support heroes of Dota-2- even top-tier players can take benefit of his ability.

If this hero is at his proper level, this hero has such destructive support for the team and can make a vast difference in the group fight.

IO supports the hard carry player through healing, dealing some damages, and teleporting from one lane to another lane.

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