Zeus Dota 2 Build Guide

Zeus Dota 2 Build Guide

In Dota 2, it is the role and responsibility of the Midlaner to set the tempo of the game. Among such Dota 2 Midlaners, Zeus is a beginner-friendly hero, and I will guide you to build him in this article.

Zeus is an intelligence-based hero in the game who is a magic damage-dealing Midlaner. A hero outputting a lot of magic damage with every spell is also a hero who is easy to use. Due to its easy complexity, it is often the best choice for new players to master mid-lane.

Zeus Picking

Zeus is a hero who deals a lot of magic damage; therefore, try to pick him against heroes with low hp pools and don’t build magic-resistant items. He doesn’t have an effective playstyle against major strength heroes and heroes with spell immunity/ heroes who build Bkb.

So, avoid picking Zeus against heroes like Anti-mage, Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Skywrath Mage etc. Since Zeus is strong against low HP and invisible heroes, you can pick him against Bounty Hunter, Riki, Tinker, Sniper, etc.

Zeus Item build

Here the table shows the best items in Dota 2 to build Zeus a Godlike support midlaner:

Zeus ItemsDescription
Starting best items of Zeus should include a tango, observer ward, iron branches and some stats. Tangos help you to regenerate hp during laning, observer ward (only yellow one) is needed to gain vision of fogs. Basic branches and stats are also good for the general build of the Zeus during the early game.
You should save money to buy bottle and mana boots which both help you gain mana. Use them whenever you are low in mana for a quick refill of the mana pool.
You should save money to buy bottles and mana boots which both help you gain mana. Use them whenever you are low in mana for a quick refill of the mana pool.
Eventually, around mid-game, there are various items you can purchase according to the game situation. You can upgrade Zeus items to kaya and range for increased magic damage output and hp, octarine core for fewer cd of spells, etc.
You may also buy aghanim’s scepter for acquiring nimbus or aghanim’s shard for the static field. Luxury items may also include Shiva’s guard (extra magic damage/vision), Linken’s sphere (spell protection), etc

Zeus Skill build

For the skill build of Zeus in Dota 2, here is a general guideline:

Zeus SpellsLevels to pick upDescription

Arc lightning
1, 3, 7, 9Arc lightning bolts lightning towards enemy units dealing damage and bouncing to nearby targets.

Lightning Bolt
2, 4, 8, 11The lightning bolt deals heavy damage to a single unit which prioritizes heroes on fog.

Heavenly Jump
5, 13, 14, 16,Zeus jumps around with this spell often useful for escaping/mobility.

Thundergod’s Wrath
6, 12, 18Thundergod’s wrath deals magic damage to all enemy heroes no matter where they are. Even to heroes in fog. (not invisible)

optional (Shard) Static field
Helps in extra magic damage

optional (Scepter) Nimbus
Casts a lightning cloud on the map which can be used from anywhere to anywhere.

Zeus’s Talents Dota 2

You may choose talents according to the game situation. But here is a useful Zeus Talent, you can build:

-4s heavenly jump cooldown on level 10, +1 Heavenly jump target on level 15, +0.4s Lightning Bolt stun on level 20 and 100 Arc Lightning Damage on level 25.

100 Arc Lightning Damage
+325 range AoE Lightning Bolt
+0.4s Lightning Bolt Stun
+100 Thundergod’s Wrath Damage
+1 Heavenly Jump Target
+30 Movement Speed after Heavenly Jump for 1.6s
+250 Health
-4s Heavenly Jump Cooldown