Dota 2 Lifestealer Build Guide | Naix

Dota 2 Lifestealer Build Guide | Naix

This article will guide you with the best Lifestealer(Naix) build in Dota 2, his items, Skill, talents and many more.

Naix, also known as Lifestealer, is a strength-based carry hero who drains life from his enemies, scaling awesomely with time and late game. He is a hero with an in-built lifesteal, spell immunity and a built-in slow effect on attacks.

When to play him?

Unlike traditional carry heroes who are weak against tanks and high hp heroes, Lifestealer is very good against high hp heroes/tanks. He counters burst magic damage dealer heroes and those who rely on their spells too. However, he is weak against heroes that deal high physical damage and maintain a distance from him, making him unable to attack freely.

You should avoid picking Lifestealer against heroes like Doom, Razor, Terrorblade, Weaver, etc. But, you can play him against heroes like Invoker, Lion, Tidehunter, Centaur Warrunner etc.

Lifestealer build

Here the table shows the best items of Lifestealer(Naix) in Dota 2 to build him a Godlike hero for most games:

Starting itemsDescription

Although Lifestealer has a high hp pool and high hp regen, he can get harassed easily during the early laning stage.

Queeling blade
For better last hitting and farming creeps quickly, a queeling blade should be your starting item.

You can purchase a circle if needed for some basic stats in the game.

Iron branch
Iron branches are components for a magic wand and provide some stats.
Lifestealer Early-game itemsDescription

Bracer helps your hero to sustain hp and maintain a relatively high hp pool in the early game.

Blight Stone/Orb of corrosion
It causes your attack to reduce the enemy’s armor making your attacks more damaging.

Helm of Iron Will
Helm of Iron Will helps your hero with extra armour and hp regeneration.

Boots of Speed
Lifestealer is a pretty slow hero, so get boots once you get other basic items.
Lifestealer Mid-game itemsDescription

Phase boots
Phase boots are a good choice as it helps you to chase down heroes and move swiftly

Armlet of Mordiggian
Armlet is a major item which can be toggled during ganking, team fights or even farming in general.

With every hit of desolator, your attacks reduce armor, dealing lots of physical damage.
Lifestealer Late-game itemsDescription

Aghanim’s Shard
Aghanim’s Shard enables your hero to acquire a new active ability Open Wounds.

Basher /Abyssal blade
Basher is also another must-have item for a chance to proc a bash and stun enemies, preventing them from escaping.

Monkey King Bar
This build item increases Lifestealer’s damage with extra magical damage on each hit.

Aghanim’s Scepter
Upgrades the ultimate Infest which can then be used on enemy heroes.

Lifestealer(Naix) Skill build

Skills of LifestealerLevels to pick upDescription

3, 9, 14, 16Rage is the spell that grants the hero spell immunity during its duration, which is very useful in solo killing, escaping, team fights, etc. You want to use this spell and hit as much as possible.

2, 5, 8, 13With every attack, the life stealer heals and deals extra damage based on the health percentage of the enemy according to their health pool. This makes him extremely durable due to lifesteal.

Ghoul Frenzy
1, 4, 7,11This ability makes your attacks slow which slows the enemy’s movement speed. Additionally, it also provides attack speed.

6, 12, 18Infest is the ultimate of the hero which can be used on units. Lifestealer infests the units and is present inside them regenerating hp every second. Damages if Lifestealer bursts out of the target. Can be upgraded with Scepter.

(Shard) Open wounds
This ability targets the enemy unit, slowing down them a ton and making your attack lifesteal a ton on every hit during its duration.

Lifestealer Talents

+1.5s Rage Duration
+1.2% Feast lifesteal
+15% Ghoul Frenzy Slow
+15% Infested Target move speed/health
+25 Damage
+325 Health
+12% Rage movement speed
+150 Infest damage
Level 10 – +12% Rage movement speedLevel 15 – +25 Damage
Level 20 – +15% Ghoul Frenzy SlowLevel 25 – +1.5s Rage Duration