Twitch Wild Rift Build: A Full Guide

Twitch Wild Rift Build: A Full Guide

This article will guild you with the best Twitch build in LoL Wild Rift, his items, Runes, Spell, Combo and counters. 

Twitch is a jungle/adc champion in League of Legends Wild Rift and is known for hyper-carrying games in the late game due to his high attack speed and damage per second. He is notorious for picking off lone enemy champions in the late game due to his first ability invisibility which grants him attack speed when he comes out of the invisibility, making him a threat if there are no counters to him. Pair a late-game Twitch with Lulu, and you will be a force to reckon with or any support champion that buffs him and grants him attack speed and ATK damage bonus. 

Twitch is also a very versatile adc as you can play him adc and build full magic ability. He deals lots of burst damage with his third ability, which has high magic scaling. 

In addition, he is also a very beginner-friendly champion, as he does not have a very high skill ceiling as he is easy to learn. Anyone can pick him up without hesitation. So if you are looking for an adc that can hyper-carry games and deal lots of damage, he is the best hero for you in the game.

Twitch Combo

  • First Ability>Ultimate>Second Ability>Third Ability

His combo always starts with his first ability, which makes you invisible. Now, looks for a good time to engage with your ultimate, which gives you extra range and damage. Then use your second ability, which slows enemies. Once enemies are stacked with your passive, press the third ability for max damage.

Twitch Spell

Flash and Exhaust are the best Spells for Twitch in Wild Rift. However, if you are playing twitch jungle, go Flash and Smite. You can also go flash and barrier if you are against very high damage enemy champs with high range who you can not exhaust and get in range.

Twitch Counters and Spells

Twitch has no mobility or dashes, so he is very immobile in the game. Once he misses positions, he will get focused on one shot in the late game by any assassins, so be very careful with your lane and stay with the team. So, the champions that counter Twitch in Wild Rift are Rengar, Evelynn, Zed, Katarina and Yone. Similarly, Twitch is a strong pick against Jhin, Samira, garen, Lee Sin, and Sion.

Twitch Builds

Here the table shows the best Wild Rift items for the Twitch build so you can play him better in Jungle:


Twitch one-shot Build
Stormrazor>infinity edge>hurraince bow>lord Dominik regards>guardian angle

Twitch Damage per the second build
Blade of ruined king>hurricane bow> Wit’s End>infinity edge>a mortal reminder 

Best Magic power items of Twitch
Nashor tooth>rabadoon death cap>lich bane>rift maker>infinity orb 

Twitch Runes

Best Runes BuildDescription
Lethal tempo Lethal tempo grants you attack speed which lets you break the attack speed limit which grants Twitch more dps damage.
Gathering storm Gathering Storm is for the late game and scales grant you more damage 
Hunter titan Hunter Titan grants you extra tenacity and health which can help you against high cc and stun team comps. 
Master mind Mastermind allows you to deal more damage to jungle camps and grants you bonus gold for every objective you get.


Twitch Skin wild rift

Omega squad twitch is the only skin currently for Twitch, and it has different voice lines, animations and skin effects. It makes you feel like a military-type vibe. You can still buy this skin from the shop for only 995 wild cores.